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How was your Sziget 2012?

We had an awesome Sziget 2012, but now it's your turn. How was Sziget 2012 for you? Did you have tons of fun? What new bands did you discover and what bands you knew did you enjoy live? Did you check out things like the Luminarium or the East-European Funfair? Leave a comment and tell everyone.  

Have a great Sziget 2012!

Now that Sziget 2012 has started (it's day -1, but things are on), we can only wish you a great Sziget! Enjoy Sziget 2012 and, as always, feel free to post all your thoughts here on Szigetnews. We can't promise we'll see them all (we have a festival to enjoy), but we'll certainly try to. Have a great Sziget 2012, everyone!

Wishlist for Sziget 2010 has started!

Finally, we can tell you that the wishlist for the artists you guys would like to see at Sziget 2010 has started on the official Sziget site. Only the Hungarian site has it so far, but you can use it very easily.The Sziget 2010 wishlist can be accessed here. Now, get on it and get your favourite artists to Sziget this year! And while you're at it, you can also tell us who you want to see at Sziget this year and check out the discussion on our official Facebook page.


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