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Announcement: World Music Stage lineup

World Music Stage

Experienced Sziget-dwellers surely know that the World Music Stage is one of the most interesting venues you can visit during the festival. It is a place filled with performers from all over the world, and the place where lots of local Hungarian bands share their art and entertainment with the diverse crowd visiting the island year after year. This year, the World Music Stage lineup is a collection of the "best" - the bands below have all been performing there in the past, adding further layers of diversity to the Island of Freedom. World Music Stage - International acts Goran Bregovic Wedding

More Hungarian names

A lot of new Hungarian names have self-confirmed their presence at Sziget 2012. Most of them are names that are known to the Sziget fans. Still, good to know. We’re talking about Zagar – their presence is mentioned on their website. August 12 is the date. Then, Jay Lumen’s MySpace mentions Sziget on August 9. Chris Ronsson also mentions Sziget on August 9 on his Facebook, while Igor Do’urden will be at Sziget on August 10. Last but not least, Sikztah will also play Sziget 2012 on August 10. (thanks go to Rascal!)

Hot X @ Sziget 2012

Another day, another Hungarian name for Sziget Festival 2012. Hungarian DJ Tibor Horvath (a.k.a. Hot X) is playing Sziget Festival this year. The date is confirmed on his official website.(thanks, Rascal) We’re still waiting for Metal Day names, which are supposed to be coming in the next few days.

Parno Graszt – great gypsy music at Sziget 2009!

If you are one of those people that go to Sziget Festival, among other things, to check out the great gypsy acts at the Roma Tent, you will surely appreciate Parno Graszt, a fantastic Hungarian Gypsy music act that have been around for the last 20 years. They have an album in the works, that will be available for their first American tour, to happen this fall. This great Hungarian Gypsy band will play the Roma Tent at Sziget 2009, on August 13, starting at 9:30 PM, according to their official MySpace page, on which you can also check out some