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Suites africaines at Sziget Festival 2009

Suites africaines, a very interesting act from Guinea, combining free jazz with African sounds, have confirmed their presence at this year's Sziget Festival on their official MySpace page. Their music is quite interesting, as you can very well see by checking out the video below. Suites africaines will be at Sziget Festival 2009 on August 13. fadiman live -suites africaines 2008by dobiecki

Yom New King of Klezmer clarinet at Sziget Festival 2009

As it does every year, Sziget always brings interesting jazz surprises. This time we're talking about Yom , the new king of the Klezmer Clarinet, as he proclaims himself, accompanied by his band.In Yom's words, the project is "a tribute to Naftule Brandwein, who was the pioneer of klezmer clarinet in the United States, coming from Poland in the 10's. This crazy genius clarinet player claimed himself  to be the King of klezmer clarinet. To stick to the the spirit of this megalomaniac character, I had to claim myself to be the New King of klezmer clarinet." Megalomaniac as it may