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50% off Sziget Festival tickets for student groups

Sziget Managing Director Gerendai Karoly has said in a press conference (the press statement - Hungarian - can be read here) that students will get up to 50% off on their tickets, if they go in groups of up to 46 people (so gather your friends and visit this site for the details). Also, there will be half-price tickets for after 11 pm, for people who just want to come to the island and party. Also, traveller's cheques ( can be used to purchase tickets, but this can't be combined with any other offer. (thanks, Gleb) This year's Sziget also introduces the

The Offspring, Snow Patrol and Die Toten Hosen confirmed!

New official names have been confirmed for this year's Sziget Festival, here, on the Hungarian official site. The most important are The Offspring, that are now 100% confirmed, for those of you that didn't believe us :) , Snow Patrol and Die Toten Hosen. But wait, that's not all. Ethno-ska Ukrainian outfit Haydamaky is also confirmed for this year's Sziget Festival, as is Disco Ensemble and Squarepusher (British electro artist Tom Wilkinson's alias), as well as Matatu, also on the ska front. Punk fans will be quite happy to hear about Backyard Babies, as will drum 'n'bass fans be about Miloopa. Also,

Who would you like to see at Sziget Festival 2009?

Szigetnews reader Kevin had quite an interesting proposal, in order to make the organizers more aware of what the people that go to Sziget every year want. Here's what he suggested: Let's do a little survey. Everyone give 3 names that you want to see at sziget the most (and that are possible at sziget dates). I'll start. My first name is Metallica, I know that they said that their European tour is over before Sziget but they don't have any plans for that time so I still have some hope. My second name is Limp Bizkit- I don't know why, I

Placebo, The Prodigy, Armin van Buuren and more @ Sziget 2009

Boy, do we have great news for you today! The official Hungarian Sziget site has confirmed quite a few important acts for this year's Sziget Festival. Here we go, then. First of all, The Prodigy will present their new album, "Invaders Must Die", at this year's Sziget Festival. So will Placebo, you'll get to hear "The Battle For The Sun" first hand. The Party Arena will be very animated this year, too, as Armin van Buuren will be making you all dance. Pendulum (that Szigetnews told you about first) are also 100% confirmed, so is DJ Norman Cook, a.k.a. Fatboy Slim. The

Sigur Ros and Amy Winehouse at Sziget Festival 2009?

Don't tell anyone, but we just heard a rumor that Sigur Ros might play at this year's Sziget Festival and that the information is listed in this month's edition of Hungarian Magazine WAN2 magazine (thanks, Tibor). Szigetnews reader Erik is telling us some more great news. He says  that Amy Winehouse is also listed in the article as a possible artist for Sziget Festival 2009. It seems quite possible, especially since she's playing T in the Park on August 16 and V Festival in England on August 29 and has no other dates in AUgust confirmed. A zero-day performance, maybe? We're trying

The wait is almost over!

According to the Sziget France forum admin,  the first names will be officially announced in the week starting on March 23rd. But we'll keep you posted on rumors and confirmations until then. If you heard anything we haven't, the contact page is at your disposal, as always. Or you can leave a comment.

Metallica @ Sziget 2009?

Metallica have just confirmed headlining the Sonisphere Festivals, to take place in Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland and the U.K. between June 20 and August 2. We wonder if this means we have a chance of seeing them at Sziget this year... What do you all think?


Our reader ouaso makes an interesting comment, here on Szigetnews. He thinks that "If you are disappointed about the booked bands on this year's sziget, just look at the sponsors... Warner is one of them and many of the labels artists are on Sziget... I think that's a reason:-)". What do you think? Could a label impose artists on the line-up of such a huge festival?

Kultur Shock live

There's still no news about who the last act playing on the Main Stage on August 15th will be and whether there will be one. Until we find out exactly who that will be, you can watch a video of a very interesting band playing Sziget Festival this year, Kultur Shock. The band will play Sziget on August 13th, at the A38 Stage, starting at 23:00 hours. What about you? Who would you like as the last name on the Main Stage? [szigetnews]j25ZHE4CwAs[/szigetnews]