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The second big Sziget 2011 line up announcement is here!

Just as expected, the organizers have given us the second big Sziget 2011 line up announcement today. And things are as good as they can be. It looks even more like we're gonna have a brilliant Sziget week this year. Apart from Amy Winehouse and Lostprophets - two acts we told you about, here's what the announcement (and, by consequence, the Sziget 2011 line up) has to offer: Kasabian, The Maccabees and Good Charlotte are coming, and so do Deftones and Within Temptation (returning after an excellent performance a few years ago). Joining will be Kid Cudi, as well as Peter Bjorn

Lostprophets at Sziget 2011

Another interesting one for you guys (thanks to Meh for signalling this). Lostprophets will (almost certainly) play Sziget 2011. Why do we say this? Well, the official Lostprophets Twitter account features a rather interesting update, and we quote: Oh, hello. We've got a bit of news for you tomorrow. Hamarosan találkozunk! In Hungarian, the last phrase means "meet you soon!". This sounds like a very good hint to us, especially since tomorrow is the next big lineup announcement!