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Sziget 2010 video playlist by Apis 38

Szigetnews reader Apis 38 has sent us the full playlist of the videos he's made at Sziget Festival 2010. This is a very cool list, including videos from performances by a lot of the big names, including Muse, Iron Maiden, The Hives, Paradise Lost, Madness and many more. Check out these great videos below. Use the side arrows to cycle between videos.

Madness confirmed + P.I.L. & more interesting acts

The announcement that we've all been waiting for is now here. The organizers have posted it on the Official Hungarian site minutes ago and features some very important news. First of all, it's now officially confirmed that Madness will be back on the Sziget Main Stage after their great performance in 2007, like we told you some time ago. Then, Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame will be at Sziget with Public Image Limited, or P.I.L. That's all in terms of Main Stage acts. The Party Arena will also feature DJ Shadow (live) and a bunch of new DJs - Boyz Noise, Erol

Madness @ Sziget 2010?

Madness is set to return to Sziget, after the excellent performance in 2007, according to an article on website, that you can check out here (it's in Hungarian). According to that same article, Madness would play Sziget on the next day after the Bob Marley celebration, so that would make it an August 11 performance. Nothing on the Madness website, MySpace or Facebook yet. Let's see if this gets confirmed soon. (thanks, Blaz!)