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No Metal Stage at Sziget 2013

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Although there will be metal at Sziget 2013, the news is not so good for you if you’re a metal fan and plan to attend the festival. According to a reply by the Sziget Italia Facebook page administrator, Sziget won’t have a dedicated metal stage this year, either. A Sziget fan has asked whether there will be a metal stage this year at Sziget and the answer was that there will be venues hosting metal, but not a dedicated one, as you can see in the screenshot below. (thanks go to Bender!)

Metal names early next week

According to a comment on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook page, the names for Metal Day are coming early next. As you can see below, a user has asked the organizers when the metal names would announced, and the answer was “early next week”. Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed for something good! (thanks, andy!) On the other hand, another name is selfconfirmed. Firkin are writing on their Facebook that they’re playing Sziget 2012. (thanks, Dreher) The date written is August 9.

Metal bands for Sziget announced in two weeks!

In case you’re a metalhead coming to Sziget and waiting for the names on day zero, good news! The organizers have answered a comment that asked when the bands would be announced on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook. The answer was: “in two weeks”, as you can see below (provided you understand a bit of Hungarian). Let’s hope for some interesting names! (thanks, mellowmaniac!)

Announcement: changes & new stuff

As promised, the organizers have announced some changes to the stages and location. The following announcement regarding this has been posted on the szigetofficial Facebook page. We’re posting it in its entirety, so we can all comment on it. Like we just told you, there will be lots of changes in the structure of Sziget. Not only will some stages change location, also some stages will disappear while some new stages will be presented too. Besides that there will be lots of new decorations and light installations. All these changes won't affect the old goals of the festival: the new structure will make

New metal stage names announced

The official Sziget website lists a few new names for the Rock & Metal Stage. We're talking about a few Hungarian bands, completing the lineup, but also two bands a band coming from other countries. The foreign band is Swedish/Danish Progressive band The Haunted - pictured below. The Hungarian bands are Road, Dalriada, Depresszio, Nevergreen, Omen, Subscribe and Superbutt. The Lord band listed is also a Hungarian one, and they are listing the Sziget date on their website (thanks, dakota). Of course, these bands will be in our Sziget 2011 line up page very soon.