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Good & bad rock and metal-related news for Sziget 2014


Some good news and some bad news on the rock and metal front for Sziget 2014, coming from our friend jason. Jason has asked the organizers some questions on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook page about the metal stage (and the idea of having one). His full inquiry was: During last years Q & A session someone asked why there would not be a metal stage at 2013 Sziget, the reply was:- "Sziget Festival Official: We wanted to organize a seperate Metal Stage, but we could not collect a full program for that. So we did not want to have a

Offficially no Metal Day or Stage at Sziget 2013

Sziget 2013

Sziget 2013 won’t have a metal day or metal stage, the organizers have confirmed once again in a comment on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook page. The comment says as follows: There will be no metal day neither metal stage at Sziget Festival - as we stated earlier. The timetable you saw previously was not a final version - please be patient (yes, we understand how much you hate to hear this by now), and wait until we announce the official timetable. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. The timetable question referred to a version of the timetable that was

Motörhead at Sziget 2013?

sziget news

The newest big name to be confirmed for the Sziget 2013 line up is, it would seem, Motörhead. A few of our friends have seen a Sziget 2013 date announced on the Motörhead official website, which would have made it a self-confirmation, but that date has been pulled off before we could take a screenshot. The date was August 5 for Lemmy & the gang at Sziget Festival, and it also appears in a list of tour dates that a user called Snaggletooth has posted on the forums on the official website – you’ll need to be registered in order to see

Tankcsapda @ Sziget 2012

Another name is confirmed, and this time it’s one that usually plays Sziget. We’re talking about legendary Hungarian band Tankcsapda, set to play the Main Stage on August 9, according to the official Sziget site for the UK. The site lists them as playing on Thursday at 19:45, right before Korn. That same site has Friendly Fires moved to the A38, on the same day. (thanks, Balint!)

Big dates update + a few new names

The official Hungarian website has updated the program page and there are some interesting things in it if you look carefully, as well as some new names. Let's start with the new names, shall we? First of all, on the Europe Stage, two new bands have been added: KILLO KILLO Banda and The Broken Beats. KILLO KILLO Banda will play on August 12, while The Broken Beats will play Sziget on August 10. On the A38-Wan2 stage, two new acts have been added: Electrelane (on August 11) and Watchaclan (August 13), both very interesting from what we could hear on their respective sites. Now,

Helloween, Goose and Hudson Mohawke in the Sziget 2011 line up

Some really cool information coming our way today. First of all, metal fans will be happy to hear that the official Szigetfest Twitter account is announcing Helloween for the Metal Stage. The same source also announces Goose, for those wanting to party at Sziget. (UPDATE: Goose will be playing on August 11, according to their Facebook - thanks Eva!) On the other hand, the Sziget France Facebook announces Hudson Mohawke for the A38-Wan2. They're also confirming Goose and Helloween.      

Even more metal: Turisas confirmed for Sziget 2009

Even more good news for metal fans. It seems that the metal announcements were saved for last, let's hope they keep coming. Turisas, the Finnish Viking Metal Band, an interesting act indeed, are confirmed on their website for this year's Sziget Festival.They will be at Sziget on Saturday, August 15, according to their official site (thanks, Mellowmaniac & chudo_pahan).

Jose Padilla and Eisregen for Sziget 2009?

The Sziget page lists two more interesting names, added to what we already know. It seems that Jose Padilla, the Spanish DJ and ambient music producer (read more about him and his music on his MySpace) will be at Sziget Festival. Some good news (if they confirm) for metalheads, too. The same page lists German dark metal Eisregen as one of the acts playing this year's Sziget Festival. Hopefully, it confirms, especially since GWAR was cancelled. LATER EDIT: Szigetnews friend alex tells us that Jose Padilla is officially confirmed on the Dutch Official Site.