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Metallica @ Sziget Festival 2009?

...or just an April Fools' joke? The Sziget Festival page lists Metallica for Sziget Festival 2009, but we don't know what to believe just yet. We'll just have to wait for an official confirmation and see... They are available during that time, according to their official site, so who knows? Still, just a joke, probably... Later edit: as we suspected, just a joke. But who knows, it just might come true...

Metallica @ Sziget 2009?

Metallica have just confirmed headlining the Sonisphere Festivals, to take place in Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland and the U.K. between June 20 and August 2. We wonder if this means we have a chance of seeing them at Sziget this year... What do you all think?

Metallica tickets here!

Even if it's not even remotely Sziget festival season, Metallica have announced a few tour dates recently and tickets are going on sale tomorrow. Still, we found out that you can get them today by clicking here and we wanted to help you avoid the rush.  


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