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Dubioza Kolektiv and Tako lako full Sziget 2013 concerts


The full Sziget 2013 concert videos from Dubioza Kolektiv and Tako Lako are now posted online on the official Sziget YouTube channel. This time it's not just snippets of concerts, but rather the full performances. We've decide to put them here, too, for your viewing pleasure. So, without further ado, let's start with the Dubioza Kolektiv Sziget 2013 performance. It's a concert that lasts over an hour, so make sure your schedule's cleared :) Enjoy! And next comes the Tako Lako concert.

More on Natacha Atlas @ Sziget 2008

We finally have more information on Natacha Atlas' performance at this year's Sziget Festival. Rumor has it that Atlas will play with Transglobal Underground, her former band, on the World Music Stage. The concert will take place on the 14th of August, according to Natacha Atlas' website Here's something to watch while you wait for august to come - the video of "C'est la vie", by Jean Michel Jarre featuring Natacha Atlas. [szigetnews]4xqZ3NT1fW4[/szigetnews]