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The Lodging Poll: Where Will You Stay During Sziget 2017

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The 2017 Sziget Festival, as well as all the previous editions, is best enjoyed when moving in. At least if you don't plan on sleeping too much during its week-long events. As you probably know - or if you are at your first trip to Sziget this year, you'll find out - the space on the Island is limited (266 acres / 1 square kilometer is not that much), which means that your lodging will likely always be in hearing distance from one stage or another. Not to mention the things going on in the tents around you... Off-site lodging Sometimes people prefer

Sziget 2013 lineup poll is over, here are the results!

sziget 2016 lineup poll

The Sziget 2013 lineup poll is now over and, as promised, here are the results of what you guys have voted. First of all, we must mention that 1050 of you guys have voted in our line up poll this year. You could vote in the poll starting on June 27, with the voting ending today, August 5. Now, without further ado, let's take a look at the results of the poll. To get an even better idea, a graph of the results can also be seen below. As you can see 32 of the voters thought the Sziget 2013 lineup was excellent (accounting to

Vote in the Sziget 2013 lineup poll!

sziget 2016 lineup poll

Like we do every year, we're having a Sziget 2013 lineup poll this year, too. You can go ahead and vote in it and we'll take a look at the results on August 5, when the poll will close, too. With the Sziget 2013 lineup close to being final, we thought it would be a pretty good idea for you to be able to have your say on what Sziget 2013 will be like. And what better way to do that than out traditional poll? Of course that you can state your opinion in a comment, too, right after voting. Use the comment form

Lineup poll removed, for obvious reasons…

We have decided to take off the Sziget 2012 lineup poll, as its results were no longer accurate. There was an unusually large amount of votes yesterday and the day before yesterday, and it would seem that most of them were in order to make the results go towards "very bad" After analyzing this and the statistics of the poll plugin, we decided to take it down, as it was quite obvious that someone was not playing fair and that the results didn't reflect the reality of your votes. We're thinking about using a different poll system, one that's embedded in a post

The Sziget 2012 lineup poll is up!

As we do every year, we have a Sziget 2012 lineup poll, where you guys can vote on the lineup. Since the lineup is close to being the final one, we thought it would be a good idea to have the poll. Fell free to vote on it - it's on the page's right side and will stay there until Sziget 2012 begins.  

Are you happy that Blink 182 isn’t coming?

As we told you earlier today, there is a very big chance that the Blink 182 at Sziget 2010 rumor won't confirm. Some people on the site sounded quite happy about this. So we thought about having a poll here on Sziget News and see what the general opinion is, just for fun. Comments are most welcome, as they always are. [poll id="2"]

Kultur Shock live

There's still no news about who the last act playing on the Main Stage on August 15th will be and whether there will be one. Until we find out exactly who that will be, you can watch a video of a very interesting band playing Sziget Festival this year, Kultur Shock. The band will play Sziget on August 13th, at the A38 Stage, starting at 23:00 hours. What about you? Who would you like as the last name on the Main Stage? [szigetnews]j25ZHE4CwAs[/szigetnews]

Last name on Main Stage?

We've had a lot of feedback from you about the line-up poll and most of you (51% - 188 votes) thought it could have been better this year. Still, a closer look at the Main Stage schedule on the official site will rise a question mark. There is nothing programmed on Friday August 15th, in the spot between URH and Sex Pistols. Will there be a new announcement soon? That is the question. It it very hard to think that the spot will remain empty or that URH will play for three whole hours. You can continue to vote in the poll, too. What