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Your opinions on the line-up

  We've had the poll on the site for a few days now, and 330 visitors voted. The results were a bit surprising. Out of 330 votes, 163 visitors (49%) thought this year's Sziget line-up could have been better, while 18% (60 voters) think it's good and 16% (52 voters) think it's very good. On the other hand, 38 visitors (12%) found nothing interesting in the line-up. Only 5% of the voters (17 visitors) say that the line-up exceeded their expectations. This is why we're asking you what it is you think it's missing. Which act would have been a good addition

What do you think about the line-up?

Since the line-up is final (maybe there will be minor modifications, but nothing important), Szigetnews would like to know what you think about it. So please use the poll below to tell everyone what you think about it. What do you think about this year's Sziget line-up? It exceeded my expectations Very good Good Could have been better Nothing interesting