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Download the Sziget 2012 booklet

UPDATE: The booklet can be downloaded as a pdf file, (right-click here, Save target as...) - thanks mellowmaniac! It's in Hungarian, but you'll get the schedule... Some cool news on the Sziget Espana Official Facebook page. Actually, it’s not really news, it’s rather more stuff to make our waiting even more difficult in the next few days. The Sziget booklet, that thing you use to see where on the island you’re headed next, is already printed. As always you’ll be able to get yours on the island. They’re even posting a picture of it, which you can see below. Also, don’t forget to vote in the

International Zero-Day big names & full Sziget 2009 programmes

First of all, you can download an official PDF of the full Sziget 2009 programmes here (or should we say the programmes so far). The source is the official French site. Second of all, Szigetnews friend Tijn has sent us quite some interesting news. Dutch site Rock Blog says that the Sziget 2009 Zero Day, the Rock Against Racism Day, will have  some international acts, too, in addition to the local acts that will most certainly be present. More so, the official French Facebook site lists the question "Prognostics pour la tête d'affiche du Day Zero (11 août) ?", meaning "any

More than music features a very interesting article about the many other things you can do at Sziget, (except for going to the many concerts, of course). There's theatre, literary programmes and many other interesting things to do. Click here to read the article.

Kultur Shock live

There's still no news about who the last act playing on the Main Stage on August 15th will be and whether there will be one. Until we find out exactly who that will be, you can watch a video of a very interesting band playing Sziget Festival this year, Kultur Shock. The band will play Sziget on August 13th, at the A38 Stage, starting at 23:00 hours. What about you? Who would you like as the last name on the Main Stage? [szigetnews]j25ZHE4CwAs[/szigetnews]

Jose Gonzales @ Sziget this year

Update: Jose Gonzales will be playing Sziget on August 17th, according to his MySpace page. Thanx Hugo for the heads-up! More good news on the confirmed artists front. Swedish singer-songwriter of Argentinian descent Jose Gonzalez will play Sziget Festival this year. We don't have a date for his concert yet, but the French Sziget site has a temporary programme of the acts, that you can take a look at here.