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Day 0 Live Streams: Jake Bugg, Punnany Massif, MØ

Rihanna to headline Sziget 2016 Day 0 live streams

The second day (day zero) of Sziget 2016 is filled with amazing performances, and tons of the "Sziget feeling" we all grew to love. It has been a chilly morning, with the temperatures way below the averages of the month. I hope you all brought some warm clothes with you or found someone to keep your body temperatures up inside the tent. For those at home, cold weather is not an issue - and here are the day 0 live streams that will keep you hot over the day. Newsflash: a SzigetNews visitor called Amanda has let us know in a comment that

Punnany Massif and Mary PopKids at Sziget 2014

Sziget 2015 tickets

Punnany Massif and Mary PopKids, two Hungarian acts some of you have surely heard of, are the latest additions to the Sziget 2014 lineup. According to their official website, Punnany Massif will be playing Sziget 2014 on August 16, at 17:45. They will be playing the Main Stage. As for Mary PopKids, they will also be playing the Main Stage, but on August 14. The information is on their official Facebook. (thanks go to mellowmaniac) P.S.: have you voted in the Sziget 2014 lineup poll? Well, what are you waiting for?

Two more acts selfconfirmed!

Yes, yes, we’re all waiting for more big names. But while we do that, our friend mellowmaniac has told us about two more self-confirmed acts. We’re talking about Hungarian acts Carbonfools and Punany Massif. Carbonfools have confirmed their presence on their website, for August 11, at the A38 stage, while the Punany Massif website says they will be playing the Hungarian mainstage on August 10.