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Children of Bodom on August 11

We all already know that Finnish band Children of Bodom will play the Rock Stage at Sziget this year. What we didn't know was the date when they would do it. A post on their MySpace blog clears that up, too. Children of Bodom will play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 11. A very full metal day it is, since we'll get to see Children of Bodom, as well as Ill Nino, according to current info. (thanks, Anthony)

Even more metal: Turisas confirmed for Sziget 2009

Even more good news for metal fans. It seems that the metal announcements were saved for last, let's hope they keep coming. Turisas, the Finnish Viking Metal Band, an interesting act indeed, are confirmed on their website for this year's Sziget Festival.They will be at Sziget on Saturday, August 15, according to their official site (thanks, Mellowmaniac & chudo_pahan).

Revelstone confirmed for the Rock Stage

Another day, another confirmation. Revelstone, a very interesting band with its HQ in Pecs, Hungary, will play the Rock Stage. They are quite a multicultural act, since the lead singer is Canadian, the guitar and bass players are Norwegians, the drummer comes from Israel, the trumpet player from Germany, the violinist from the United States and the female vocals are from Sweden. The date is confirmed on their official MySpace, where you can find more information about them.

An all-new stage – The Rock Stage

The official Hungarian site lists a new stage for this year's stage, that looks like a follow-up to the now gone Hammer World - The Rock Stage. This is where metal, punk, hard core, pop-rock, hard rock, blues and indie rock acts will play and among the acts listed for the new Rock Stage are Expatriate, Donots, GWAR, Turbonegro, Life of Agony, Brujeria and Backyard Babies.