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Good & bad rock and metal-related news for Sziget 2014


Some good news and some bad news on the rock and metal front for Sziget 2014, coming from our friend jason. Jason has asked the organizers some questions on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook page about the metal stage (and the idea of having one). His full inquiry was: During last years Q & A session someone asked why there would not be a metal stage at 2013 Sziget, the reply was:- "Sziget Festival Official: We wanted to organize a seperate Metal Stage, but we could not collect a full program for that. So we did not want to have a

Tankcsapda @ Sziget 2012

Another name is confirmed, and this time it’s one that usually plays Sziget. We’re talking about legendary Hungarian band Tankcsapda, set to play the Main Stage on August 9, according to the official Sziget site for the UK. The site lists them as playing on Thursday at 19:45, right before Korn. That same site has Friendly Fires moved to the A38, on the same day. (thanks, Balint!)

New metal stage names announced

The official Sziget website lists a few new names for the Rock & Metal Stage. We're talking about a few Hungarian bands, completing the lineup, but also two bands a band coming from other countries. The foreign band is Swedish/Danish Progressive band The Haunted - pictured below. The Hungarian bands are Road, Dalriada, Depresszio, Nevergreen, Omen, Subscribe and Superbutt. The Lord band listed is also a Hungarian one, and they are listing the Sziget date on their website (thanks, dakota). Of course, these bands will be in our Sziget 2011 line up page very soon.  

Lostprophets at Sziget 2011

Another interesting one for you guys (thanks to Meh for signalling this). Lostprophets will (almost certainly) play Sziget 2011. Why do we say this? Well, the official Lostprophets Twitter account features a rather interesting update, and we quote: Oh, hello. We've got a bit of news for you tomorrow. Hamarosan találkozunk! In Hungarian, the last phrase means "meet you soon!". This sounds like a very good hint to us, especially since tomorrow is the next big lineup announcement!

White Lies in the Sziget 2011 lineup

Here's some more good lineup news for you guys. Our reader Festivalfreak (we'd like to thank him) had some email conversations with the White Lies manager, and he has received some great news. He asked their management whether White Lies will play Hungary or Slovakia, and he got the answer Yes, White Lies will be at Sziget it's official. White Lies was at Sziget 2009, too.  

Children of Bodom on August 11

We all already know that Finnish band Children of Bodom will play the Rock Stage at Sziget this year. What we didn't know was the date when they would do it. A post on their MySpace blog clears that up, too. Children of Bodom will play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 11. A very full metal day it is, since we'll get to see Children of Bodom, as well as Ill Nino, according to current info. (thanks, Anthony)