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Faith No More at Sziget Festival 2009?

We'll be frank with you, we don't know this one for sure, but many people (including Szigetnews reader Adam Peach) seem to be pretty sure of this. Faith No More have announced their reunion and have also mentioned that they will not play any venues in America. They only confirmed a European tour for this summer and said that it will include a few major summer festivals. So we think it's quite possible for them to play Sziget, especially since it wouldn't be a first time. Faith No More have played Sziget Festival before, in 1997. More as we have

Possible Sziget 2009 artists

We always said our readers are the best readers a website can have (they're Sziget Festival goers, so how else could they be?). And to confirm this, Szigetnews friend Mellowmaniac has made an effort for all of us, and we thank him for it. He gathered together almost all of the acts that are playing the bigger European festivals this summer, along with the dates when those performances are scheduled. As he says, some of them will surely be at Sziget, as we know Sziget organizers tend to get acts that are nearby at that time.  Here's what he came up with: I

Metallica @ Sziget 2009?

Metallica have just confirmed headlining the Sonisphere Festivals, to take place in Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland and the U.K. between June 20 and August 2. We wonder if this means we have a chance of seeing them at Sziget this year... What do you all think?

Sziget 2009 rumors

Even though Sziget Festival is quite some time away, there are already rumors flying around about who the big acts for this year might be. Here's what we heard so far: Arctic Monkeys have a big chance of showing up, as they are in Germany a few days before and Sziget organizers are known to try and get big bands that are in the area at that moment Some blogs are saying Natalie Imbruglia, Basement Jaxx and Franz Ferdinand have a chance of playing. Franz Ferdinand are also doing Bestfest in Bucharest, so the chances are there... Now, for some wishful thinking, in

Justice and Alanis Morisette?

Justice is already mentioned as playing Sziget on the festival Last.FM page.  Alanis Morisette is also persistantly rumored for this year's festival.

Babyshambles @ Sziget

According to Sziget’s page, the latest name for this year’s festival are Pete Doherty’s Babyshambles. We’ll keep you posted if any other new names pop up. Later edit: Babyshambles have disappeared from the page, but they are confirmed on the French forum of the Festival. We'll see if it all falls into place, after all...