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Phenotype self-confirmed

Another name has self-confirmed itself for Sziget Festival 2012 on MySpace. French artist Phenotype describes his music on his MySpace as "Ambient/ Psychedelic / Trance" Find out more about him (and listen to some tracks) on MySpace or Facebook.  

More new & interesting acts in the Sziget 2010 lineup!

Our friend chudo_pahan has told us about a whole bunch of interesting acts that have either confirmed themselves or are confirmed on the Dutch site. First of all, Chapelier Fou is set to play on August 12 at the Amiftheater stage, according to the MySpace page. Then, Flat Earth Society will play the same stage on August 11. This news is confirmed on their official website. They will play the BJC-Amfitheater, according to the official Dutch site. Wildbirds & Peacedrums will play on August 14. The dutch site says that they will play on A38-WAN2, while Andy Moor will play on August 12

UB40 in the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup

Another important name has self-confirmed its presence for this year's Sziget Festival: UB 40 will play Sziget on Day Zero. Day Zero seems to take more and more shape as a reggae day. UB40 have confirmed their presence on their official website. They will play Sziget o August 10 at the World Music Stage. (thanks go to gabor)

zZz self-confirmed for the Sziget 2010 lineup

Another act is self-confirmed today for the Sziget 2010 lineup. We're talking about Dutch band zZz. They have just confirmed their presence on their official MySpace page, where they say they will play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 13.

A couple of Roma Stage self-confirmations

The Roma Stage is always a great place at Sziget. The fun is always at home, and so are the very interesting artists. Here are the first two self-confirmations for this year's Sziget Roma Stage (with a big Sziget news thanks to gábor). These are two quite interesting Hungarian acts. First, we have Goulasch Exotica on August 13. The date is confirmed on their official MySpace. Second, there's the band Napra. Both the guitarist - Both Miklos - and the singer - Kinga Kramli - have confirmed the Sziget date on their MySpace pages. Stay tuned for some interesting programme news.

Skarbone 14 self-confirmed for Sziget 2010

Here's a nice self-confirmation for this year's Sziget Festival, to brighten up your Monday. Thanks to our friend Mellowmaniac, we now know another interesting act that's set to play Sziget Festival 2010. We're talking about Belgian ska-punk act Skarbone 14. The band has confirmed its presence at Sziget festival 2010 on their official website, in the shows section, as well as their official MySpace. Skarbone 14 are set to play Sziget on August 14.