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Sziget 2016 – All Passes are Sold Out!

Sziget 2017 First Announcement

Another month, another landmark achieved by the Sziget Festival! According to a recent news release, Sziget 2016 has sold all of its 5 and 7-day passes. Now there are nothing, but day tickets left to buy. Since the total number of passes has been limited to 55,000, only 25,000 tickets are available for any individual day. This leads to a situation that was never encountered before - a month and a half before the start of the festival, all its passes are already sold out. Still, according to Sziget's website, those with a five-day ticket can still upgrade to a

Sziget Passes to be Sold Out by the End of June

sziget passes to be sold out soon

95% of the seven-day Sziget passes the 2016 edition have been sold, and they continue to sell like hot cakes, according to the event's lead organizer, Gerendai Károly. If they continue to be this popular, all of them might be gone by the end of June. If this happens, Sziget will only be able to offer its visitors day passes from there on, Gerendai said. By comparison, for last year's event, the five and seven-day passes have been sold out by the beginning of August. Sziget passes still available for individual days Day passes are still available in large numbers, he said,

Sziget Festival Prepares for Another Sold Out Edition (Press Release)

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This year Sziget will last for seven days - five full days, plus the Day -1 and the Day Zero - but from Wednesday to Wednesday, just like in the old times. The event's organizers will try to top last year's atmosphere, focus more on environmental awareness, hygiene, visuals and the quality of services. The event, considered Hungary's top tourist attraction, will guarantee the safety of their visitors coming from all over the world - and is expected to be sold out completely. And it has gotten a brand new anthem, Be With You, by Toldi Miklós and Odett. Prepare for

Sziget 2014 sold out! (weekly passes)

sziget 2018 tickets

Sziget 2014 is a premiere in the history of Budapest's island extravaganza, in the sense that it's the first time ever that the festival is sold out! In terms of weekly passes, that is. There are still daily passes available and the organizers have thought about the people which, for some reason or another, were unable to get their weekly pass. That is why 1000 weekly passes will be available at the entrance. Still, if you plan on getting one of those, you should be there on time, or you could be out of luck. All in all, fantastic news and a great