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RUMOR: Rammstein to headline VOLT Festival?

This is an unconfirmed, unofficial rumor, so treat it accordingly. UPDATED: Joel says that Rammstein for Volt didn't work out, but Billy Talent, Bullet For My Valentine and Parkway Drive will be announced for Volt next week. According to our reader Joel, who says he got the info from one of the VOLT organizers, Rammstein will headline VOLT Festival 2013. He gave us no other details, but it would be interesting to see this confirmed. Unfortunately, that would almost certainly exclude Rammstein from the Sziget 2013 line up. Still, it remains to be seen whether this confirms or not. Fact is that Rammstein are doing a

Sziget 2013 line up speculations round one

The same Fesztivalok Varosa that have found the latest batch of acts before they were officially announced also has a list of speculations for the Sziget 2013 line up, based on bands touring Europe and the area at the time of Sziget Festival 2013. How about we all give it a look and speculate around it even more, like we do every year? Some of these acts are, we think, very possible additions to the Sziget 2013 line up. Here it is, including the Sziget News readers' input (so keep coming back,as the list gets modified every half an hour or so).

Announcement tomorrow! Guessing game, anyone?

So, the Sziget Festival Official Facebook is saying that new names may be announced tomorrow (in a comment which you can see below). Our friend john doe, the guy that always gives us hints before announcements come (and he’s never been wrong, so no reason not to trust him this time), has given us one this time, too. He says as follows: 3xUK, NL, DK, D, USA So, 3 UK names, a Dutch one, a Danish one, a German one and an American one. When another one of our readers suggested the Dutch one might be a DJ, john doe said it’s a live act. What

19 new names this week

According to our friend john doe, new names for this year’s Sziget are coming sooner than we might all think. He says that 19 new names are coming this week, but Foo Fighters won’t be part of this announcement (we don't know if they'll be in another one, though). We’re curious who was right about what the same john doe has hinted last week (you know, the New Order – Killer, Lamb – Lamb of God story). Who do you guys think will be announced? And btw, Heideroosjes are also listed on the Sziget Festival Nederland Facebook.

Sziget 2012 line-up speculations – part 1

As he does every year, our friend Mellowmaniac has gathered a list of artists touring in the area. It's always updated on the German Sziget board, Some of these artists will certainly play Sziget 2012. Here's the list, along with festivals they're playing: Headliner speculations: The Cure (05.-08.07. Roskilde, 07.07. Heineken Jammin, 09.07. Rock in Roma, 13.-15.07. Optimus Alive) Foo Fighters (rumoured: 26.-28.08. Reading / Leeds) The Beach Boys (03.08. Berlin, 04.08. Stuttgart) Radiohead (10.07.  Nimes, 13.07. Bilbao, 15.07. Optimus Alive, 27.-29.07. Fuji Rock) Placebo (10.-12.08. Taubertal) Alice Cooper (03.08. Rock Oz' Arenes, 10.-11.08. Skogsröjet, 12.08. Bloodstock) Scorpions (04.08. Wacken) Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (confirmed

Time for some Sziget 2011 lineup speculations

As always, our good friend Mellowmaniac has worked to gather a list of bands that could play Sziget 2011, based on the fact that they are playing festivals in the area during the same period of time. Most times, some of these bands make their way to Sziget. Here's the list, together with our thanks. 9 of the bands on his list were in the first announcement, so he must doing something right :) Rock, Pop & Indie: - Foo Fighters (20.08. FM4 Frequency, 21.08. Highfield, 23.08. Köln, 24.08. Chiemsee Rocks) - Scissor Sisters (05.08. Arenal Sound, 06.08. Sudoeste) - Arctic Monkeys (20.&21.08. V-Festivals) - Amy