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Top 10 Streamed Songs on Spotify, 2016

top 10 streamed songs of 2016

As the year comes to an end, the press is getting filled to the rim with articles and lists looking back at what happened during the last 12 months. As we all know, 2016 was a sh*tty year, with legendary artists leaving us for good, and all sorts of unexpected things happening. Whether this applies to the world of music, it's up to each of us to decide - it's all a question of taste, after all. Spotify and Billboard have also taken a step back, looking at the most popular songs of the year. Whether you agree or not with

Spotify has a surprising all-time number one

Last month, music-streaming app Spotify released a peculiar number one song in the form of ‘Lean On’, which was performed by Major Lazer. The song was a huge hit in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and pretty much everywhere in Europe. What makes the song’s feat amazing is that the global phenomenon had not only surpassed Ed Sheeran's ‘Thinking Out Loud’ to be the “most streamed song” last month on Spotify, but its speed in accumulating hits in just a short time was nothing short of astounding. Sheeran's ‘Thinking Out Loud’ was released in 2014. ‘Lean On’ was featured on Spotify

Sziget 2015 Spotify Playlist (also YouTube and SoundCLoud)

Sziget 2015 Spotify

A Sziget 2014 Spotify playlist has been created by our friend Ray, and it features artists set to play at Sziget 2014. Since we're sure you guys will want to check it out, we've put it in our list of links. You can also check the Sziget 2014 Spotify playlist below. It already includes tracks by the likes of Florence & The Machine, Alt-J, Babylon Circus or The Highways. It will, of course, evolve as we know more about the Sziget 2015 lineup. You can check out the playlist below, just click the relevant links. Spotify YouTube SoundCloud

Sziget 2014 Spotify Playlist

Sziget 2014 spotify

A Sziget 2014 Spotify Playlist exists, including lots of artists playing at this year's Sziget. You can listen to the Sziget 2014 Spotify playlist below (provided Spotify is available in your country). The playlist is created by Festival Travel and you can use it to discover artists you don't already know (or to listen to the ones you know once again). It includes lots of Sziget 2014's stars and is constantly updated. If you need a direct link to it, you can find that same playlist here. Our friend JWZ! has sent us another playlist you can check out, in case you need even more

Check out the Sziget 2012 Spotify playlist

If you use Spotify, our friend Dreher has created a Sziget 2012 playlist. Dreher’s playlist features 237 bands and artists, and you may discover your new favorite band is playing at this year’s Sziget. Or maybe you’ll just find some cool performances to see. Either way, you can click here to get to the playlist, or you can just click the link in our Blogroll section on the right.

Sziget 2011 playlist on Spotify

Our reader Thomas has started a Sziget 2011 playlist on Spotify. If you're a Spotify user, you can hear albums of all the announced or self-confirmed bands there (provided they're on Spotify). Isn't that cool? If you want to check it out, just click here or on the link in the Szigetnews blogroll.