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Sziget 2010 video playlist by Apis 38

Szigetnews reader Apis 38 has sent us the full playlist of the videos he's made at Sziget Festival 2010. This is a very cool list, including videos from performances by a lot of the big names, including Muse, Iron Maiden, The Hives, Paradise Lost, Madness and many more. Check out these great videos below. Use the side arrows to cycle between videos.

How’s your Sziget so far?

We've been having a lot of fun on the island, seeing GWAR, Amparo Sanchez, Madness, Ska-P and many others... Are you having fun, too? If you are, feel free to post your thoughts, pictures and videos on the Szigetnews Facebook page -, for everyone to see. Or you can e-mail them to us at contact [at] Enjoy Sziget!

Sziget Eddie

Quite an interesting press release we received today from the Sziget Office. To anticipate Iron Maiden's performance at Sziget, Derek Riggs, creator of Maiden mascot Eddie, has made a special Sziget drawing for the cover of New Noise magazine. The image features Eddie withe the Hungarian Parliament as a hat, shouting "Sziget". See the large image here. We can't wait for the festival to start, either...

Don’t forget your LivePlugs!

Only a few days left until Sziget Festival 2010 starts. We know we can't wait to be there! As always, we'll try to post all of your messages, pictures, videos and whatever else you want to share with everyone else, here on, as we always do. Before you go, if you want to protect your hearing at the Sziget concerts, don't forget to get a pair of LivePlugs, the ear plugs that allow you to protect your hearing at concerts without spoiling the sound. To get a pair of these, just click here or below, on the LivePlugs banner.

Sziget 2010 map

The Sziget 2010 map has been published on the official Sziget site - the English version of the map, that is. We thought you might need to print it out, so here it is. Right-click here and select "Save Target as" or "Save Link as" to download large version.