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Big dates update + a few new names

The official Hungarian website has updated the program page and there are some interesting things in it if you look carefully, as well as some new names. Let's start with the new names, shall we? First of all, on the Europe Stage, two new bands have been added: KILLO KILLO Banda and The Broken Beats. KILLO KILLO Banda will play on August 12, while The Broken Beats will play Sziget on August 10. On the A38-Wan2 stage, two new acts have been added: Electrelane (on August 11) and Watchaclan (August 13), both very interesting from what we could hear on their respective sites. Now,

Important news tomorrow!

UPDATE: A user on the Sziget page says Foo Fighters, Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys will be announced tomorrow. Hopefully, that's not just wishful thinking... It actually was wisful thinking, but who knows? :) The official Sziget Festival Facebook page is announcing the fact that "New names for Sziget Festival 2011 line-up will be announced tomorrow!". This should be the second big announcement, featuring, most certainly, lots of interesting names. On the other hand, the official Sziget France Facebook page has announced the schedule for days -1 and 0. Day -1 - August 8 - will be the day of the "European

Today’s Sziget 2011 rumor: Amy Winehouse at Sziget 2011!

Treat this as a rumor, as that's what it is (or unconfirmed information, if you will): our reader marciinter says that he has discussed with someone from the Sziget staff and that Amy Winehouse will play Sziget 2011. Now, we don't have any confirmation on this (if you know more, you know how to get in touch), but the information does seem plausible, as Amy Winehouse will be touring Europe this summer, and she's in Wiesen, Austria on July 24, a couple of weeks before Sziget, according to her official MySpace. We'll see if this gets confirmed. UPDATE: our reader Sjaakdedraak says Mumford

Thursday playing Sziget 2011?

Here's an interesting piece of information, that our friends art and Mellowmaniac have noticed. Thursday are self-confirming themselves for Sziget 2011 on their MySpace page and, since they have a new album out and are touring in August, this seems like very plausible information. The interesting part is that there is also a band called Wednesday that self-confirmed here, a rapper called Friday, that self-confirmed (he's on tour too, it could be plausible) and even one called Saturday, which we didn't find... :) Saturday, also self-confirmed. So far, we only tend to believe Thursday... :)  

White Lies in the Sziget 2011 lineup

Here's some more good lineup news for you guys. Our reader Festivalfreak (we'd like to thank him) had some email conversations with the White Lies manager, and he has received some great news. He asked their management whether White Lies will play Hungary or Slovakia, and he got the answer Yes, White Lies will be at Sziget it's official. White Lies was at Sziget 2009, too.  

Time for some Sziget 2011 lineup speculations

As always, our good friend Mellowmaniac has worked to gather a list of bands that could play Sziget 2011, based on the fact that they are playing festivals in the area during the same period of time. Most times, some of these bands make their way to Sziget. Here's the list, together with our thanks. 9 of the bands on his list were in the first announcement, so he must doing something right :) Rock, Pop & Indie: - Foo Fighters (20.08. FM4 Frequency, 21.08. Highfield, 23.08. Köln, 24.08. Chiemsee Rocks) - Scissor Sisters (05.08. Arenal Sound, 06.08. Sudoeste) - Arctic Monkeys (20.&21.08. V-Festivals) - Amy

Sziget 2011 playlist on Spotify

Our reader Thomas has started a Sziget 2011 playlist on Spotify. If you're a Spotify user, you can hear albums of all the announced or self-confirmed bands there (provided they're on Spotify). Isn't that cool? If you want to check it out, just click here or on the link in the Szigetnews blogroll.

Gui Boratto at Sziget 2011

UPDATE: Gui Boratto is listed to play Balaton Sound and usually acts performing there don't play Sziget, too (he might have mixed things up a bit :) ). Still, who knows... We've just received a very interesting email from our reader Mitchell. He had an email conversation with Brazilian DJ Gui Boratto (as seen below), and he said that he would play Sziget 2011. Guilherme Boratto aan mij details weergeven 22:54 (15 uren geleden) Yes, in both of them ;-) See you there... On Feb 16, 2011, at 6:37 PM, mitchell van kooten wrote: Hey Gui, Are you playing in the netherlands anytime this year? Or at the