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Sziget 2012 lineup poll results

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As promised, the Sziget 2012 line up poll has ended today, on Day –2. No less than 1847 of you guys have voted in it, so we think the results are pretty conclusive. Out of those voters, the top answer for the question “What do you think about the Sziget 2012 line up?” was “”Bad”, with 581 votes – that accounts to 31.46%. The second answer was “Not bad”, by a very close margin – 573 votes, 31.02%. Next, “Very bad” – 362 votes, 19.6%. Fourth in the list of choices – 237 votes, 12.83%. Least chosen answer – “Excellent” – 94 votes – 5.09%. Here’s the

Sziget 2012 lineup poll closes tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is Day –2, the Day of the Hungarian Song and it’s the starting line for this year’s Sziget Festival. It’s also the day we close the Sziget 2012 lineup poll, a thing that’s become a bit of a tradition here, on Szigetnews. At the moment we’re posting this, 1809 of you guys have voted in it. You still have (from this moment), 24 hours to vote - the poll is on the right side of the site. It will close tomorrow night at 23:59.

Snoop will be a Dogg on the island

We told you about Snoop’s reincarnation into Snoop Lion in the last few days. Still, if you were worried that you won’t be hearing the legendary rapper’s greatest hits on the island, you were wrong. A statement posted on the official Hungarian Sziget site (Google translated version here) comes to clear things up for all of us. The Sziget organizers have talked to Snoop’s representatives, clearing things up completely. According to Snoop’s representatives, the show on the island will be a hits show. (thanks, mellowmaniac!)

Two more Sziget 2012 playlists

UPDATE: 566 tracks in lambo's playlist, actually. UPDATE: lambo also has a Spotify playlist, including 392 tracks. Check it out here. We wrote, a few days ag, about the Sziget 2012 playlist our friend Dreher has created on Spotify. Some of you told us that Spotify was not available in their countries and, at the same time, we were told that other playlist were being created. So why not check them out, too? There’s a Deezer one, created by BeMayer. It includes 288 tracks by tons of artists playing Sziget 2012. the_belette has created a playlist on GrooveShark. It includes 95 songs. They’re both well worth checking

Sziget 2012 apps for iPhone and Android

The Sziget 2012 iPhone and Android apps are here! You can use them to find out information about acts playing Sziget, as well as about all of Sziget Festival 2012’s venues and how to get to them, once you’re on the island. The apps also include lots of useful information about Sziget 2012 (ticket prices, getting there etc.) You can also use them to create your own personalized Sziget 2012 program. Depending on what smartphone you’re using – an iPhone or an Android device, here’s where you can get the apps: - this is where you can get the iPhone version of the Sziget 2012

No Flying Lotus at Sziget 2012

There’s not always good news to share. Sometimes, there’s an information like the one for today that has to be posted. Unfortunately, the fact that Flying Lotus was not in the official schedule was a sign that the performance would be cancelled. According to, Flying Lotus will be working on the new album, due in October. That is why all August dates are cancelled. The full article can  be read here (Hungarian), and this is the Google-translated version. The article also mentions some good news: the addition of New Zealand's Electric Wire Hustle, to play the A38, on August 9. (thanks, dzsinni!)

A new venue + news for those going to Sziget alone

According to the program on the official Hungarian website, there will be yet another venue at Sziget 2012. It is called the Inmedio Drink & Bar and a lot of acts will be playing it every day. The fun will begin every day (starting on August 8) at 14:00 hours and the last act will go on at 3:00 am. The full schedule is already in our line up page. We also have some other interesting info. A Facebook event page has been established for those planning to visit Sziget 2012 by themselves and meet new people. Camp Unknown is the name and they

Sportfreunde Stiller confirmed for Sziget 2012

Sportfreunde Stiller are the last missing act for the Sziget 2012 Main Stage to be confirmed. Their name is listed on the schedule on the official website as playing Friday, August 10:00, at 18:00 hours. And since only one name was missing, that makes the Main Stage lineup complete. Flying Lotus, on the other hand, seem to have went completely out of the picture n(at least for Main Stage), as they’re nowhere in the schedule. (thanks go to mellowmaniac once more)

The best British acts of Sziget 2012…

…at least in the Virgin blog’s view. In case you still need to discover some of the acts playing Sziget 2012, the Virgin blog features a very interesting article. It’s a presentation of some of the best British acts playing Sziget 2012, and you might want to check it out. Among the artists they recommend are Anna Calvi and The Stone Roses. You can check it out right here.