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Day 1 pictures & Sziget 2012 video streaming on August 9


In case you missed the first "real" day of Sziget 2012, you should know that there were quite a few things to see, starting with the incredible Amsterdam Klezmer Band at the OTP World Music Party Stage, or Anna Calvi,  dEUS and Ministry at the A38. And if you chose the  Main Stage, you had no reason to be disappointed, with Placebo and Hurts just two of the names playing. A great Sziget day, indeed. Check out some pictures from it in the gallery at the bottom of this article. On the other hand, if you're watching Sziget from home, on YouTube, here's

Some Sziget 2012 Day Zero pictures

Sziget 2013

How's your Sziget 2012? Has it started already or are you just joining the party today? Metal Day was tons of fun, as proved by the thousands of people banging their heads with acts such as Lacuna Coil, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir or Moonspell. We've also seen a great Polish band  called Ocean at the Open Stage. They have some really good tracks and have put on a very good show. You can check out their songs here on their website. Now, without further ado, some pictures from Day Zero. Most of them were taken at the Metal festival. On the other hand, for those of

Have a great Sziget 2012!

Now that Sziget 2012 has started (it's day -1, but things are on), we can only wish you a great Sziget! Enjoy Sziget 2012 and, as always, feel free to post all your thoughts here on Szigetnews. We can't promise we'll see them all (we have a festival to enjoy), but we'll certainly try to. Have a great Sziget 2012, everyone!

Sziget 2012 lineup poll results

sziget 2014 lineup poll

As promised, the Sziget 2012 line up poll has ended today, on Day –2. No less than 1847 of you guys have voted in it, so we think the results are pretty conclusive. Out of those voters, the top answer for the question “What do you think about the Sziget 2012 line up?” was “”Bad”, with 581 votes – that accounts to 31.46%. The second answer was “Not bad”, by a very close margin – 573 votes, 31.02%. Next, “Very bad” – 362 votes, 19.6%. Fourth in the list of choices – 237 votes, 12.83%. Least chosen answer – “Excellent” – 94 votes – 5.09%. Here’s the

Sziget 2012 live streaming schedule

Good news for those of you not able to come to Sziget, but wanting to see the festival in live video streaming! The schedule of the live streaming is already up on the official Sziget YouTube channel. Now, we know you’ll want to watch them all, but just in case you won’t, this is where you can see what’s on and at what time. You can even add events to your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, so that you’re reminded when to tune in.

Sziget 2012 lineup poll closes tomorrow!

sziget 2016 lineup poll

Tomorrow is Day –2, the Day of the Hungarian Song and it’s the starting line for this year’s Sziget Festival. It’s also the day we close the Sziget 2012 lineup poll, a thing that’s become a bit of a tradition here, on Szigetnews. At the moment we’re posting this, 1809 of you guys have voted in it. You still have (from this moment), 24 hours to vote - the poll is on the right side of the site. It will close tomorrow night at 23:59.

Download the Sziget 2012 booklet

UPDATE: The booklet can be downloaded as a pdf file, (right-click here, Save target as...) - thanks mellowmaniac! It's in Hungarian, but you'll get the schedule... Some cool news on the Sziget Espana Official Facebook page. Actually, it’s not really news, it’s rather more stuff to make our waiting even more difficult in the next few days. The Sziget booklet, that thing you use to see where on the island you’re headed next, is already printed. As always you’ll be able to get yours on the island. They’re even posting a picture of it, which you can see below. Also, don’t forget to vote in the

Sziget 2012 English map

A while ago we told you about the Sziget 2012 map in Hungarian being available. Now, the organizers have posted the English version on the szigetfestival Facebook page. You can take a look at it by clicking here. (thanks, Andy!)

Glastonbury founder to be at Sziget 2012

Our friend lambo has sent us a very good read, and we thought we should share it with you guys. It’s a Reuters article about Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis, a man that’s quite eager to visit Sziget Festival this year. It also features some interesting statements from Sziget’s founder, Karoly Gerendai. You can check out the article right here.

Sziget 2012 full drinks price list

We’ve told you the beer prices, now here’s the full Sziget 2012 drinks pice list, from the official site. Since we’ve just stumbled upon the file, we thought we’d let you know so you  know what an Unicum, some Coke or some wine will cost you at Sziget 2012. It’s in Hungarian, but we’re sure the essential things are the same Beer   Dreher Classic csapolt    0,5 l    580,- Dreher Classic dobozos    0,5 l    690,- Dreher 24 dobozos    0,5 l    690,- Pilsner Urquell dobozos    0,5 l    790,- HB Natur Citromos    0,5 l    790,- Spirits Absinthe    4 cl    900,- Jim Beam White    4 cl    900,- Jim Beam Red Stag    4 cl    900,- Jim