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Subscribe self-confirmed for Sziget 2014


Subscribe, a band many of those going to Sziget on a constant basis already know, is the latest act to self-confirm its presence at Sziget 2014. Subscribe have listed their latest list of tour dates on their official website and Sziget 2014 is among those dates. According to the quoted source, Subscribe will be playing Sziget 2014 on August 14 and 16. Why two dates? Well, the August 14 date is as a Rage Against The Machine cover band (the date was already listed in the lineup). The good news is that they'll be playing as themselves, too, on August 16. (thanks, SkaPanda)

New Sziget 2014 ffficial announcement: Madness, Triggerfinger, The Bloody Beetroots & more

Sziget 2014 live streaming august 17

The official announcement has been made and the list starts with Madness (a well-known name to Sziget fans and always a fun show) and The Bloody Beetroots. Triggerfinger are also very familiar faces, and the announcement also contains Leningrad and Black Sun Empire, which you knew about a bit earlier. The full list of this new official announcement is as follows: Madness The Bloody Beetroots Kelis Leningrad Band of Skulls Triggerfinger Deniz Koyu Thomas Gold Quentin Mosimann Black Sun Empire INVSN Extensive comments about it have already been made, but if you haven't already, tell everybody what you think below!

New names tomorrow, Campfire Stage winners announced today

Sziget 2015 wishlist

The official Sziget Facebook page says that new names are set to be announced tomorrow, which should be pretty great news. On the other hand, Campfire winners will be announced later today, too. We're looking forward to tomorrow's announcement, which should probably include Leningrad, too (which we've known about for a few days now).

Leningrad @ Sziget 2014


Leningrad is another name to confirm its presence at Sziget Festival 2014. Definitely not a secret for constant Sziget-goers, Leningrad have listed a Sziget 2014 date on their official Facebook page. According to the quoted source, Leningrad will be playing Sziget 2014 on August 11. A stage is also mentioned - the World Village Stage. (thanks go to chudo_pahan!)

Mind Against and Mister Oliba at Sziget 2014


Mind Against and Mister Oliba are the latest acts to self-confirm their presence at Sziget 2014. Mind Against is a Berlin-based electronic music duo. You can check out more info on their official Facebook page. Their performance at Sziget 2014 appears on GigaTools and is listed for August 15. Polish techno producer Mister Oliba has also self-confirmed his presence at Sziget 2014, according to the gigs list on his Facebook page. Mister Oliba will be at Sziget on August 16. (thanks go to SkaPanda!)

Wanna be a Sziget 2014 volunteer?

Robbie Williams

Sziget 2014 volunteer is something many of you have wanted to do, if we're to go by the number of emails asking about it. Well, the Sziget 2014 official website lists the conditions and has a form which you can fill if you want to become a Sziget 2014 volunteer. The conditions are pretty basic: if you're over 18 and come from an EU country, you're in with a chance. What you get in return is a warm meal once a day, two t-shirts, a place for your tent and entry to the festival (the form is for Sziget, as

Sziget 2014 musical guide starting this Friday

Sziget 2014 musical guide

The Sziget 2014 musical guide is, according to this post on the official Sziget Instagram account, a way for you to learn about the musical acts at this year's Sziget.That way, you can come prepared. More than that, this "education" will be made via exclusive DJ mixes, sets and podcasts which will provide you with the sound of this year's festival.That way, the post says, you won't be missing any interesting venues.The post also links to this other account to follow which, in turn, links to a SoundCloud page where, presumably, the links to the mixes will be posted. Make

Riddim Colony @ Sziget 2014

Riddim Colony

Hungarian reggae band Riddim Colony is the latest band to self-confirm its presence at Sziget 2014. According to this list of tour dates, they will play Sziget 2014 on August 12. (thanks go to SkaPanda!)

Rumors, rumors, rumors…


Our reader Paul claims to have some news on very credible sources. Part of it seems pretty plausible, so we thought we'd share them with you, just in case you've missed his comments (but this should be treated as nothing more than speculation, rumors or whatever else you want to call it). According to Paul, Skrillex will play Day -1 (he says this is 90% sure). He also says that Snoop Dogg is 99% sure for Sziget 2014, together with Babyshambles or/and Gogol Bordello - the chances are 95% for that, he claims. He also gives a 70% chance for the Bloody Beetroots and 40% for