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You and the future of Sziget News

sziget news future

Szigetnews has been in a state of hibernation as of late, as a lot of you have undoubtedly noticed. First of all, thank you for your concerned comments and also thank you to those of you sending emails asking if we're alright and whether everything is fine. To answer it directly, yes, absolutely. Everything is fine. However, time has not been what it was  and this has impacted on Sziget News and, subsequently, on this wonderful community. When I started this project, as a Sziget fan, I would have never imagined that it would turn into this thriving, vibrant community. I just

Sziget News Turns 5 Today

Sziget 214

Exactly 5 years ago today, Sziget News was started. Since then, we’ve had 606 news posts (607 if you include this one) and 5681 comments. There are almost 3000 of you guys following us on Facebook, as well as 1370 of you on Twitter. We’ve covered news, rumors and everything in between and you guys kept everything going. This has turned into an amazing community of Sziget fans, sharing and discussing everything Sziget-related, the second it happens (or, sometimes, before it even happens). Which is why you all get a big THANK YOU! Let's raise a Dreher for everyone and for all the years to come!

Sziget 2013 Facebook event: Are you already set to go?

sziget 2013 tickets

Sziget 2013 already has a Facebook event and over 1100 people have joined it already. Even though no acts have been yet added to the Sziget 2013 lineup, that will probably change soon enough. How about you? Have you already made up your mind? Will you go to Sziget Festival 2013? Even more, have any of you already bought tickets? Or have you booked your hotel already?  

Sziget 2012 photo memories

Sziget 2014

Here are some of our photo memories from Sziget 2012. The pictures are also in this Facebook photo album, so feel free to tag yourself if we've caught you on camera! Enjoy!

Sziget 2013 date

sziget 2013 tickets

The Sziget 2013 date has already been announced, so you can probably start booking flights (just kidding, you can wait a while longer). According to the @szigetfest Twitter account, Sziget Festival 2013 is set to take place between August 5th and 12th, 2013.

Sziget News on Google Currents

Are you using the Google Currents app on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet? Then we have good news for you. You can read Sziget News in Google Currents, starting right now, as we have a Currents edition. In order to subscribe to our Google Currents edition, you’ll have to install the Google Currents app (here, for iPad and iPhone and here for Android tablets and smartphones), and then access this link - in your mobile device’s browser. Or, if you're logged into your Google account, just click here and you'll be subscribed to us (after you've installed the

Sziget News is changing

Don’t be scared if things look a bit strange when visiting Sziget News these days. We’re doing some design changes, which should be done in a couple of days.

Feel free to tell us whether you like what’s going on 🙂

The first name tomorrow!

Here's some great news off the Sziget Italia Facebook page. The first name will be announced tomorrow! A competition is in place, letting people guess who that name is, and it ends at 9:30 tomorrow morning. So we're guessing the announcement will be made soon after that time! We can't wait (thanks Mirex and Fab)  

The first lineup announcement getting closer!

The first lineup announcement for Sziget Festival 2012 could be sooner than we all would have thought. According to the szigetfestival Facebook account, the official Sziget Facebook page for the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, we should expect it soon. Here's what they're saying: Did you already know, this time our first acts announcement will come much earlier than in the previous years? Expect it soon!