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Sziget Talent: Winners Announced to Play on Europe Stage

Sziget Talent Show

Sziget Festival has organized contests all over Europe for fresh blood to show its worth on the Europe Stage on days -1 and 0. The contests are under way, but some of the winners have already been announced. Here are the lucky - and talented - ones who will have the chance to take their first step toward fame this August at the Sziget Festival 2015. The list of Sziget Talent winners is far from being complete - we'll keep updating it as new winners of the various local talent shows appear. Here is what has been announced so far: Austria -

What’s your current Sziget 2015 wishlist?

Sziget 2015 wishlist

We thought it would be a good idea to ask you what your current Sziget 2015 wishlist is, in light of the recent announcement, and of what the lineup has to offer at this moment. We know that you've probably already submitted a Sziget 2015 wishlist and the organizers have surely taken it into account, but a discussion about this is always fun (and some of you have already started one in the comments of this article). So, considering what is already in the Sziget 2015 lineup, who would you (realistically) like to add to the Sziget 2015 lineup? Of course, this has

Tankcsapda at Sziget 2014

Sziget 2014 live streaming august 17

Tankcsapda, one of the most popular Hungarian bands, will be at Sziget this year, too. An almost permanent fixture at Sziget, Tankcsapda will be at Sziget on August 11, when Blink 182 is also playing. That should make it a pretty rocking day!

Two weeks until Sziget 2014 + official map

Sziget 2014 map

Sziget 2014 is only two weeks away! Are you ready for the insanity on the Island of Freedom? In the meantime, the Sziget 2014 map has been made official. You can download it as PDF here, for storing on your mobile device or printing. You can also check out the full interactive version on the official site, here.

Sziget 2014 schedule revealed (at least part of it)

Robbie Williams

UPDATE: Our Sziget 2014 lineup page has been updated with all these changes, so now you can have a full outlook at the way the schedule looks right now. The Sziget 2014 schedule has been partly revealed by the organizers on their official website. The official site lists performance dates for a lot of the acts that are set to play Sziget 2014. You can check out the Sziget 2014 schedule, as it is at this point, here.

Sziget Campfire: A new venue

black sun empire

The Sziget Campfire will be a new venue at this year's Sziget, which will be active for 6 days, 5 hours a day. Musicians from all over the world will be able to showcase their talents by playing covers (sung along by everyone in assistance), around a huge campfire. If you think you have what it takes, record a video and post it to YouTube until May 15 with the title SZIGET Campfire Musician. Sziget will pick the best ones and post them on Facebook and the ones with the most likes will have the chance to perform at the festival. All the details are

Ska-P Sziget 2014 date known

Sziget 2015 tickets

The date for the Ska-P performance at Sziget 2014 is available on the band's official website, in case you were only planning on visiting Sziget for a day. Or if you've just started planning your schedule early. Anyway, according to the band's official website, Ska-P will be playing Sziget festival 2014 on August 12. The date is already in our Sziget 2014 lineup page.

Where are you from and how many times have you been to Sziget?


Since it has become necessary, we're starting a new post for all the Sziget fans out there. In the comments, you can get to know everyone else in the community. So feel free to leave a comment below and tell everyone where you're coming to Sziget from and how many times you've been to Sziget. This idea comes from Sziget News friend ilber. He has asked the question in the comments for this article and we've decided it's well-worthy of a dedicated article and comments thread.  

Check out this cool Sziget Instagram account

sziget instagram

Our friend Taras has created a cool Sziget Instagram account, featuring pictures from this year's Festival. Not only that, but he publishes photos sent to saratmas [at] on it, so you can send yours there. He has some pretty great stuff on there already. You can check it out as szigetfest on Instagram or click here.  


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