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Faith No More at Sziget Festival 2009?

We'll be frank with you, we don't know this one for sure, but many people (including Szigetnews reader Adam Peach) seem to be pretty sure of this. Faith No More have announced their reunion and have also mentioned that they will not play any venues in America. They only confirmed a European tour for this summer and said that it will include a few major summer festivals. So we think it's quite possible for them to play Sziget, especially since it wouldn't be a first time. Faith No More have played Sziget Festival before, in 1997. More as we have

Metallica tickets here!

Even if it's not even remotely Sziget festival season, Metallica have announced a few tour dates recently and tickets are going on sale tomorrow. Still, we found out that you can get them today by clicking here and we wanted to help you avoid the rush.