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The Black Box Revelation at Sziget 2010

Another cool act in the  Sziget Festival 2010 lineup.

The Black Box Revelation have confirmed their presence at this year’s Sziget Festival for August 12 on their official Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “The Black Box Revelation at Sziget 2010

  1. If you read the article, it will become very clear that they’ve made a typo.

    “Johhny Rotten’s band (after Sex Pistols) Public Enemy are coming to Sziget, too.”

    Public Enemy is not Rotten’s band, but Public Image Ltd. is. Unfortunately no Chuck D and Flavor Flav on Sziget 🙁

  2. You’re a bit behind guys. On the official Sziget websites this was announced more than two weeks ago… There are also a lot of other acts on the Sziget website that you did not tell about yet…

  3. Thanks. We’ve haad a bit of a site updating problem these days. All fixed up.

  4. Tankcsapda, a famous Hungarian band will play on the 14th, according to their official website. Their concert will probably take place on the main stage, at 19:30

  5. sziget festival official wrote in facebook that the full line-up will be announced this month… and the schedule as well 🙂

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