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The first confirmed bands for Sziget 2010!

Finally, we have the first confirmed bands for this year’s Sziget Festival. These bands have already confirmed their presence via their official sites or MySpace pages and, although they’re not very big names, it’s still good to know about them.

Here we go, then:

  • Eslam is the first name and the way he describes himself is quite interesting:

    An ex Lebanese Mafia affiliate turned overweight entertainer, after an 8 Million Dollar sale of a stolen Mammoth tusk from a Siberian excavation went wrong… Born to Syrian and Lebanese parents, Eslam Jawaad (real name ‘Wissam Khodur’) left his mafia past in Lebanon and came to London in October 2003 where he quickly caught on to the vibrant music scene of the bustlin’ city. He found his way into the underground music scene, linking with British acts UK Apache, Visionary Underground, Fun-Da-Mental and Asian Dub Foundation.

His music is old-school hip-hop and he has worked with Damon Albarn’s The Good, The Bad and The Queen. Check Eslam out right here. Eslam will be playing the Main Stage.

  • Blues Trappers are next – they’re a Hungarian blues band, that wants to bow before the Blues Brothers. The date is confirmed on their official site.
  • Kaido Kirikmäe is an electronic music act from Estonia. According to his MySpace page, he mostly creates electronic yet organic music with experimental beats that is mainly built on loop structures. His presence is confirmed on his MySpace page.

9 thoughts on “The first confirmed bands for Sziget 2010!

  1. I think you can rule out Eslam to be playing this year… He was part of the LMHR Allstars performing on the 11th of August 2009 on the mainstage. Even though it is not impossible for him to play…

  2. No no no…Please,let there be some good names,,not just like Eslam will be playing the Main Stage…

  3. Usually the first wave of bands will be officially announced in march. Like in the last years some bands might selfconfirm themselves, but most of them will be some of the very small bands.

    My guess is that they’ll anounce a big day zero headliner in February (if there will be one this year) and a month later we will get the first headliners for the regular festival.

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