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The Fratellis is the last Sziget 2013 name

As promised, the last announcement has come today. The last name to grace Sziget 2013 is The Fratellis.

The announcement was supposed to include two names, the first one being Babylon Circus, which we told you about earlier.

The news about The Fratellis playing Sziget 2013, together with Babylon Circus, has been officially confirmed by the organizers in a post on the Sziget Official Facebook page.The Fratellis

Now that things are pretty much final, and Sziget 2013 is less than a week away, you can still vote in the Sziget 2013 line up poll, if you haven’t done so already.


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9 thoughts on “The Fratellis is the last Sziget 2013 name

  1. like! The Fratellis are awsome!
    This years line up seems to be bad to everyone, but for me it’s just perfect.

  2. Perfect line up Johnny? Fratellis are out of the picture for many years, it seems that the Sziget-organisation has found an old cataloque of bands that costs less than 10.000 euro’s or this a package-deal with the other forgotten act Mika. The mainstage is a disaster this year.

  3. He’s just right. Mainstage is a disaster! This year’s bookers made a mess of it. Don’t know how you can f**** up this big. This definitly will have an outcome on the ticket sale next year.. People are feeling that try are fooled this year.

  4. I agree with you, the main stage is a disaster. And i’m really disappointed. But i simply decided to stop complaining and think about how much fun i will have once there. It’s my first time at Sziget…f**** you Mika, you will not ruin my Sziget experience!! Fortunately there are some good bands in the lineup, especially in A38… See you there!!!

  5. The lineup is awful but screw that because I’m gonna have a good time anyway! I only knew The Fratellis from Chelsea Dagger but the rest of them also sounds good to make a party:)

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