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The Gaslight Anthem at Sziget 2013 gets cancelled

The Gaslight Anthem at Sziget 2013 won’t be happening, after all.

As some of you have noticed yesterday, when the Sziget 2013 schedule has been published on the official website, there was no Gaslight Anthem in it.

Well, the reason is that the band has cancelled its Sziget 2013 performance, and the information is confirmed by the Sziget organization on Facebook.

No other explanation has been given, apart from the fact that

The Gaslight Anthem unfortunately cancelled their Sziget show.

Were you looking forward to seeing The Gaslight Anthem at Sziget 2013?

16 thoughts on “The Gaslight Anthem at Sziget 2013 gets cancelled

  1. Thats unfortunate, was looking forward to this… :/ Let’s hope they didn’t cancel them because of financial issues, and replace it with something comparable.

  2. @ Kenny same with me that was the only band I was interested in on sunday, I bet they got cancelled because they were too close to rock/metal.

  3. Yeah I know Biffy will be good but I have seen them a few times already and I missed gaslight anthem at download because I was seeing them at sziget.

    I didnt actually think that was the reason 🙂 Its odd that theres nothing on the gaslight anthem website

  4. Given that there is nothing on the TGA website or Facebook (both list the gig as happening), and no other TGA shows for August are cancelled, plus Sziget Official is very secretive on the cancellation (not replying to any questions, not communicating anything), I think there is a possibility that Sziget is trying to get TGA to play the empty Saturday slot (between Editors / Mika) instead of Sunday, hence the TBA and silence

  5. I guess TGA saw the lame Sziget Line-up/timetable and thought to themselfs… fuck that.. where not going…

  6. well, screw my nice theory, they just confirmed it back to me on twitter that it is cancelled

  7. FFS. one of the few band i wanted to see really bad.. -.-

  8. one of the few decent bands on the lineup that gave the main stage some credibility, im saying that and I don’t even like them lol

  9. I was going to get a day ticket just to see them this year, no Sziget again for me…

    After going 5 years on the bounce this will be the 2nd year in a row I am not attending as the line up leaves me pretty cold!

  10. Its still up on their website that they are playing Sziget so not officially cancelled, again no word either way from the official sziget people.

  11. Really pissed off about this, false advertising really sucks! line up very poor with a lot of z listers playing now! I will not be travelling to this waste of time!

  12. I went to the Sziget festival, and the band I was looking most forward to was the Gaslight Anthem. I only found out at the festival that tGA weren’t playing.
    I would have gone to Sziget anyway and I have enjoyed every minute of it, but it really sucks that tGA cancelled and don’t explain the reason why.

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