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The Gaslight Anthem at Sziget 2013

UPDATE: The Gaslight Anthem will be playing on Sunday, according to

UPDATE: Mystery Jets are also confirmed on the official Facebook pages!
(Thanks, mandy!)
The Gaslight Anthem is the latest name to be announced for Sziget 2013, and it has a chance to make quite a number of people happy.

Good news coming from a few of the Sziget Facebook pages – The Gaslight Anthem will be part of the Sziget 2013 line up.

This seems to be a pretty good incentive, if you were planning on taking advantage of the early bird ticket sales, as today is the last day for that.

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50 thoughts on “The Gaslight Anthem at Sziget 2013

  1. According to several comments on the official FB page and a radio prodcast:

    Looks like System of a Down were going to headline but they cancelled.
    Not so long ago the Hungarian government decided to extradite a convicted and sentenced axe murderer, an Azeri, who had murdered an Armenian citizen in Budapest. After extradition to Azerbaijan, he was promptly pardoned and hailed as a hero. I imagine SOAD didn’t much like the part the Hungarian govt played in this. Sziget must be scrambling for a replacement…”

  2. I bet that Iggy will play on Sziget this year.
    1. He was on Sziget before.
    2. He will be in Vienna on August 9.

  3. Um, haven’t we been through this SOAD & the axe murderer story before a couple of months back? SOAD have been ruled out for some time now because there simply isn’t the space in their schedule for them to play Sziget – plus, all of their dates were announced some time ago, so I’d have thought they’d have been announced ages ago if they were going to headline …

  4. Actually SOAD have 6, 8 and 10 august free on their tour. Hope they’re announced otherwise it will be a poor lineup! This year all people want SOAD as headliner!! Come on sziget!

  5. They have 6/8/10 free, but 6th is Day 0 and they won’t play 8/10 because they are not likely to play three nights in a row

  6. I need some informations. Need some headliners. Need some co-headliners. I’m in NEED.

  7. I think that around 30 names still need to be announced, looking at the slots per stage per day of last year..

  8. including 4 headliners, looking at the end of their last youtube video they only have blur in big letters,
    they need to hurry the fuck up though, we had 3 headliners at this point last year

  9. 5th No bands yet announced
    6th Probably Motorhead (Heavy metal day headliner)
    7th No headliner announced
    8th Biffy
    9th Blur
    10th No headliner announced
    11th Guetta

  10. End show presented by David Guetta, that can’t mean anything else than Guetta is the headliner for the Sunday. Biffy I think could also be a co-headliner.

    I’m not that much in need for new names as some of you are, but of course more acts are always welcome 🙂 I’ve been going to Sziget for five years and each year I look forward to Sziget a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited as this year. The line up already contains more acts I’d like to see than ever before and I’m also very curious about the new beach.

  11. Guys, what do you think about shedule for Main stage?
    Will be Die Arzte a co-headliner?

  12. I think Die Ärzte will play at 18.00 and Skunk Anansie will co-headline. Skunk Anansie concert in 2011 was the best of the week!

  13. theres a lot of acts id see this year its a great undercard, but ive seen them all before apart from blur, when you consider the strength of some lineups this year download and Reading/Leeds, it kind of makes the lineup look weak, tbh I don’t care too much about the lineup in the day as im always busy having fun and chilling at the reggae stage, but I like a good headliner and dance acts so I can have a party/mosh and a rave til the early hours

  14. Guess they’ve got some financial problems with the loss of sponsors and the government demanding more money for the use of the island… Still a pretty good lineup, especially the electronic part. And Sziget has never been about big headliners to me anyway 🙂

  15. AS I wrote like a month ago,no SOAD because of Orbán Vektor,and no more headliners(ex: White Lies has been headliner a couple of years ago)Skunk Anansie and Mika or Editors could be headliner in Sziget..

  16. Non of them will be headliner. The only headliners are Blur, Biffy Clyro and Guetta. Don’t forget they annouced Prodigy in June in 2011 and Prince even in July!

  17. Editors and Skunk Anansie arent headliners. That was told at their announcement. So i think we can expect some more beautiful names. Anyway, Sziget is always beautiful 🙂

  18. Can’t find now, but I saw if for sure and the friend that’s with me remembers it as well 🙂

  19. Biffy, Blur and David Guetta are headliners i also read the same about biffy on the dutch page

  20. Google translate:

    There will be no smoke at festivals – 16/05/2013
    [Listen] Hear
    There will be a festival cigarette outlets, based on currently available information, – said Charles Gerendai the Radio Club. The Sziget Festival is organized but do not know how it will handle the event kiosk located outside the 20-30 thousand people who will want to buy cigarettes.
    The trafiktörvény however, was originally established to protect the young. On the other hand, you can not buy cigarettes at festivals predicts that more young people are now going to buy cigarettes before coming to the festival. However, we will continue to regulate that area of ??the Island Lake Balaton Sound or may not be commercial quantities of goods to enter private person. A large number of foreign visitors in turn should begin to prepare the changed rules. Charles Gerendai that occur to an increase in the black market.
    (Club Radio)

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