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The last couple of days for early bird tickets!

Sziget tickets will have their price increased at the start of May, so, if you want to buy them at the early bird price, you’d better act fast!

Until April 30, Non-camping passes cost 140€ (170 € starting May 1st)  , Camping-passes are available for 170 € (200 € starting May 1st) , and the price of Caravan camping tickets is 110 € (130 € starting May 1st).

15 thoughts on “The last couple of days for early bird tickets!

  1. already got one! and now longing for some great names that organizers have left for the dessert. 🙂

  2. Is that your site Rascal?:) It has crashed my browser…
    Anyway hard to believe what you saying!
    Would it be better to buy my ticket from this site than the Sziget’s official site?…hmm

  3. @GaborK
    No, it’s not my site. It’s an official Sziget website, it’s the same as which is the official website for UK. And the URL is now also used by the szigetfestival Facebook page, so this should be a legit website too.
    And yes, from UK I think it is better to buy from this website than from the Hungarian website. I read about many problems with buying tickets on the Hungarian website. People getting blank pages after payment or not being able to order tickets at all…
    Besides that, I’d rather print my ticket out immediately, than collect it at the entrance of the festival. From last year I remember there was a huge waiting line at the Interticket desk.

  4. What. The. Fuck.

    8.612 listeners on (nearly all of them croatian), 1.960 fans on facebook. And they got Sziget Main Stage. After White Lies headlining it really starts to look like the organizers are BEGGING bands to play at Sziget. Its crazy.

    I hope its a bad joke or a mistake or something.

  5. 2 Dulco
    last year was also the same level bands on the Main Stage. Like the band Rada from Ukraine. I am from Ukraine and i never heard about this band before sziget.

  6. however, it is quite funny and ridiculous, that on the first day, The Maccabees or Flogging Molly will play as band 1. And on other days, minor bands like this will play at the same time…

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