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The last day for early bird Sziget tickets is today!

Just a reminder that today is the last day when you can get non-camping tickets for 140 Euros a piece (camping tickets for 170).

Starting tomorrow, tickets will be 170 Euro (200 camping). If you can and want to save some money, you should get your ticket today.

In other news, Billy Talent are set to play on a very busy August 15t – Danko Jones, Kasabian and Muse are to play on the same night.

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5 thoughts on “The last day for early bird Sziget tickets is today!

  1. How is this gonna happen?? Billy Talent is on the main stage as well right?? Otherwise I’m gonna be angry if they played at the same time as Muse…

  2. 140??? WHAT? WHERE? the shops here in Slovakia are selling the tickets for 170 now… and from tomorrow, the price will be 200 euros… a mistake, isnt it?

  3. The banking system is unvailable for online tickets on the official site. Ill bet itll be down all night so people have to pay 200. Scam!!!

  4. @Mirex: we were talking about the non-camping tickets and forgot to specify exactly. The camping tickets are indeed 170 today and 200 from tomorrow

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