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The new Holland meets Hungary stage

According to, Sziget 2012 will have a new venue, called the Holland meets Hungary stage.

The new venue will replace the Dutch meeting point and will feature afternoon readings by Dutch writer Jaap Scholten.

The main program, in the evening, will consist (if we get it correctly) of a Jam de la Crème – a jam session featuring artists from bands like The Kyteman Orchestra, Anouk, Di-Rect, Caro Emerald Band, The Deaf, Relax, Tin Men And The Telephone, Soul Sister Dance Revolution, Janne Scrapers, Wired Paradise, the evening, GMB, Doushka, Jungle By Night, Sintiromarus and Hague dj duo Dagga Dagga, joined by Hungarian artists.

Besides the jam, Dutch artists including Boef and Gelogeerde Monkey will perform, and there will also be a DJ set by Chef Special.

During the night, Dutch, Flemish and Hungarian DJs will perform.

You can check out the full Google Translated article right here.

14 thoughts on “The new Holland meets Hungary stage

  1. They won’t perform. But I think this is an excellent stage to spend the night for people of all nationalities.

  2. Yes!! I Will be playing there after Chef Special on Wednesday!!

    Techno it will be

    Dark Techno

  3. Lots of new acts on the official Sziget site (most of them hungarian).

    It looks like the surprising return of the Bluesstage!

  4. j deville, that’s some good news! do you know of more sziget acts for the dark/minimal techno lovers among us?

  5. “Boef and Gelogeerde Monkey” should be “Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap”, it’s a dj/rap duo

  6. Szigetfestival netherlands website also talking about a bluesstage again!
    Great news!

  7. J Devil is playin? thats awsome thats the lead singer from KoRn!! he does a great set!

  8. i hope they play some dutch hardcore n industral strenth techno in the holland tent! i used to go to the big festivals out there they know how to party!!

  9. @lambo I don’t think Jonathan Davis would post on this website. Probably it’s someone else.

  10. haha i was going to delete my post once the enitial excitement had wore off haha but i dont know how on here 😛

  11. @Lambo
    If so, that would be the only reason to go there.
    Die hele verdere dutch zooi kan me gestolen worden, kan ik net zo goed naar Pinkpoep gaan.
    (The whole Dutch rubish can be stolen if you ask me, I might as well can go to Pinkpop)

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