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The Offspring – officially confirmed

It is now 100% sure, The Offspring will play Sziget Festival 2009’s Main Stage, as the official Sziget press newsletter states. (thanks again to our reader Mellowmaniac).

The newsletter doesn’t confirm any new names, but it says that Tankcsapda will certainly play on Day -1 of the Festival, August 10.

11 thoughts on “The Offspring – officially confirmed

  1. We’ve received tje press newsletter on the e-mail from one of our readers. It’s not posted online.

  2. I personally wouldn’t be sad if they wouldn’t play, but they for sure are in the offical media anouncement of today!

    Probably the dutch people were asked to take the name off the list as long as they aren’t announced on the hungarian site.!?

    BTW: in the press release they wrote that additional new names will be named soon (but as we know: this doesn’t have to mean within the next weeks 😉 )

    (I would die for The Pixies and Faith No More, but they play Europe in June, so chances are pretty low. Or perhaps Spandau Ballett who just anounced to play the UK)

  3. When will the pther bands be announced?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I’m hearing lots of rumours of Blur, any truth in that?

    P.S. Very excited by the offspring 😀

  4. 10 August? Sziget isn’t from 11 to 17 August?

    However, I hope Offspring really come to Sziget this year!!

  5. august 10 is called day -1… same thing last year, when they had a concert dedicated to the ‘day of the hungarian song’…

  6. Being a young offspring fan is horrible since their best shows took place when i was small.. but now my dream is finally coming true!!!!!!! I cried when i heard that they were coming, love them so much.

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