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The Roma Tent is back this year, first name known

The Roma Tent is coming back for Sziget 2015, which should be good news, as a lot of fun has been had in there.

We have received this great news from our friend SkaPanda, who has noticed that Parno Graszt, an act that has been at Sziget before, has announced a Sziget 2015 date.

They mention July 16, but it’s probably August 16.

The even better thing is the location mentioned – the Roma Tent, which makes its comeback.


235 thoughts on “The Roma Tent is back this year, first name known

  1. According to Sziget Italia, Leningrad cancelled their Sziget gig because the frontman has to go to North Pole in the same period (true story)

  2. Hahaha! I laughed! For the World Village I’d like some reggae, if possible The Wailers doing a greatest hits.

  3. I know that it’s not related with this post, but i want to ask you a question: How many 5 day tickets and 7 day tickets are avaiable this year? Thanks in advance.

  4. Way Out West just announced Kygo! I hope he’ll come in the party arena or the A-38, some “tropical house” would be nice for a night 🙂

  5. @danny
    how is it relevant? a name was announced two days ago for a festival which is 1,5 months away from sziget -_-

  6. Something relevant would be something john doe would say… he disappeared after telling us about The Ting Tings.

    Are you reading this by any chance?

  7. @event I’m Just saying he is doing the festival circuit and that I’m hopeful. I wish for him more that linken park, the prodigy, kol and many of the other names people are throwing in the mix.

  8. @event… benicassim is less than a month before sziget? and the two festivals have shared headliners and more minor names in the past. how is it NOT relevant?

  9. @whatewer silly name you have
    Sziegt has 200+ bands, Benicassim has almost 100. It would be strange if they didn’t share any of those. Still, there is no connection between the two lineups, as they are in different festival periods, most of the bands travel to the US between the two festivals. You are right, there is less than a month between the two. But in this case, it doesn’t mean anything. Benicassim is at the end of the july festival period, and there are basically no big festivals between beni and sziget in Europe, for which the bands could stay here.

  10. True enough. I didn’t mean to sound hostile, by the way. It just seems like every single festival within a month or two going either way from Sziget is “relevant” to this forum.

    And I know my name is silly 🙁 I’ve gotten shit for it my whole life.

  11. Mumford & Sons (not my preferred headliner, but still a great band live) has an “announcement” coming on Monday. This happens to coincide with Pukkelpop’s announcement and other festival announcements around Europe (including the Berlin edition of Lolla, which announces on Monday).

    Anyone else think they’re going to announce that they’re touring Europe? They’re in Canada the first weekend of August but my bet is that they’ll head right to Europe afterwards, maybe in time for day 1 or 2 of Sziget?

  12. Really seems like they’re going for festivals this summer too. I think they’re a possibility for Sziget for sure, but only time will tell.

  13. I think tomorrow Werchter is announcing the last headliner, so Pukkelpop announcement should go to the 9th of march. Anyway I can see Mumfords play before the End Show like Outkast last year too. Would be very good.

  14. Libertines, Macklemore&Ryan Lewis announced as lollapalooza berlin headliners

    the 3rd headliner will be revealed on the 1st of June – it’s quite strange, why so late? who could it be?

    anyway, I really hope that they book the libertines for sziget, it would be amazing

  15. It’s a 2-day festival so the liberines are not headlining, but that doesn’t really matter.

    BTW Rock en Seine will have its firstannouncement tomorrow!

  16. Libertines would certainly add a british rock touch to the lineup. Macklemore aren’t coming, they are european exclusives for Lollapalooz Berlin.
    M&S are less likely with today’s announcement: Walla Walla, Washington, USA – 14th August + 15th August – Mumford & Sons, The Foo Fighters, The Flaming Lips, The Vaccines, Dawes, Jenny Lewis, TuneYards, James Vincent McMorrow, JEFF The Brotherhood, Blake Mills + more TBC

    I wanted The Vaccines as well that’s unfortunate.

  17. We can officially cut mumford & sons out, they have a festival gig in Washington DC 14-15 August. Bad news.

  18. mumford and boring? boring is one man on the main stage. some dj just pushing a button. right now seems, it will be rock werchter for me this year instead of sziget.

  19. The lineup of Werchter is amazing as always!

    But if they could book Linkin Park +The Libertines, sziget would be outstanding as well. I don’t really know who the other headliners could be, maybe we will know more after the rock en seine announcement tonight.

  20. I’ve heard from a source close to Rock en Seine that they won’t be any surprise tonight (mainly bands that are touring in august). Maybe for the second announcement.
    Kings of Leon are yet to announce a tour in Europe (if they are planning to).

  21. If Sziget gets Tame Impala, Interpol and Chemical Brothers on top of Dixon it’ll have four of my very favourite acts. I won’t dare to dream too much about those chances, but the tours all seem to line up.

  22. The Vaccines and Flaming Lips are playing a festival with Mumford in Washington DC on 14-15 August. Two more bands cut out from Sziget

  23. They’ve answered to someone on facebook that they are “collecting names” and we won’t wait long. I guess we’re gonna have a massive announcement (in terms of quantity, like last time) rather than a 10-names announcement. Maybe the wait is worth it 🙂

  24. Foals would be so amazing, and quite realistic, as they have played Volt last year, and it’s quite usual for bands to play both festivals in following years

  25. I know but this is the exact date (sunday 16th). Just some new info, we really have nothing at the moment!

  26. if we don’t have anything, than don’t say anything, it’s useless. it could be interesting later, when we have an almost complete lineup, to know something about possible clashes. but right now it really makes no sence to post things like this

  27. If you take that philosophy it makes no real sense any of us ever saying anything, we might as well just wait for the announcement. It’s done to share information… pipe down!

  28. @event i will post whatever I want, whether you find it relevant or not. Who the f*ck do you think you are? You’d rather have a dead forum?

  29. Foals – MØ – Selah Sue – SIGMA dj set – Balthazar For GRAPE FESTIVAL, 14-15 august (Slovakia).

    I guess we are gonna get Foals at least.

    @event i should have shut my mouth until the announcement?

  30. calm down boy, i didn’t mean to upset you :/ this is a friendly forum, I am really sorry if I offended you

  31. I’m sorry if I reacted that way too.I shouldn’t have used these words.

    Last year szigetnews published some articles for minor bands (like Passenger) official date announced. I thought it might be helpful if someone here really likes Passenger and wants to buy a day ticket (we never know 😀 ).

    Where would Foals play if they come?

  32. Main stage for sure, probably 19:45

    It’s a bit strange though, I thought they said they are taking a break after finishing the holy fire tour last summer

  33. if it’s like last year, Foals will play 18 instead of 19.30, I think (and hope). Anyway they’re a very good live band.

  34. The Gaslight Anthem are confirmed for Highfield Festival on Aug. 15th.

    They were confirmed for Sziget 2 or 3 years ago but cancelled their gig. They promised to come to Sziget in the next year(s), so come on Mr. Fallon …

  35. As Bender said above, Leningrad cancelled their gig at Sziget, according to Sziget-Netherlands:

    Official statement of frontman Sergei Shnurov:

    “Dear Friends!
    Unfortunately, this year the band Leningrad will not be able to come to the Sziget!
    The thing is that I’m the lead singer of Leningrad, Sergei Shnurov, and I received an invitation from my friends to take part in the latest cruise on an icebreaker to the North Pole ! And the journey will take place at the same time as the Festival ! I could not refuse ! I hope we will please you with our show next year !
    Sergei Shnurov, front man of Leningrad”

  36. It’s strange that they’re leaving it so late to announce any of the 5 headliners, surely they’d want to beat the competition with their line up so that they can sell out sooner? There’s barely any rumours more just educated guesses based on other festivals and no real social media build up from Sziget themselves.

    All seems a little bit strange but I’d hope it’s because they’re going to launch with a huge announcement and most if not all headliners at once. Maybe a European exclusive?

  37. sziget never had anything exclusive, so i doubt that

    they are always just trying to book the bands that are already around

  38. I can see Foals as a headliner. I dont think they could book 5 bigger bands to headline (maybe Linkin Park but the other 4 days?) because this year we dont have many relevant bands touring in the middle of August. Mumford and Foo Fighters are in the US and Muse are probably taking a break after a 2 months tour in Europe. if we analyze the Frequency line up we can’t expect headliners as Chemical Brothers due to Summer Sonic and The Prodigy came last year. So can anyone find 2/3 big bands that could possibly headline? This lack of informations makes me think that the poor 2013 line up situation is coming…

  39. Apart from Linkin Park, as “big” band we can expect The Libertines and Kings of Leon (they are free during august for now). Smaller bands can be bumped up and headline, like Beck or the Offsprings. If someone like Beck headlines, they could put a big electronic act after him to make it look stronger (Avicii?).

  40. Well headliners can be
    -Robbie Williams
    -Florence + The Machine
    -The Libertines
    -The Strokes
    -Kings Of Leon
    -Don’t know but we need something big before Garrix.

  41. I’d love to see the strokes, but i don’t think they will do a proper tour 🙁
    Kings of Leon seems unlikely too

    I’d say we get Linkin Park + The Libertines + maybe one more big headliner if we are very very lucky

  42. Maybe the most we can hope for at this point is a great under card? To be honest, none of the possible “”headliners” mentioned have any “wow”-factor. I’d say we should stop looking at headliners and start looking at the possibilities for sub-headliners and the entire undercard. From the first big announcement (the 28 smaller acts that were announced in early Feb), I’d say it seems obvious that the undercard will be more impressive than any headliners they could possibly get.

  43. I agree with thetrootroo. In flames and Dropkick Murphy’s in german 8th-9th august.

  44. What about Nightwish? In August they’re playing festivals like Summer Breeze (13-15 Aug)

  45. Anett Lenkey Új nevek mikor lesznek?Zobacz t?umaczenie

    Sziget Festival Official már tényleg nem kell sokat várni

    What does it mean?

  46. This is the best google translate could do.

    Anett Lenkey new names when they will be ? Zobacz t ? Umaczenie
    Sziget Festival Official really do not have to wait much longer

    Not any news really, hopefully something next week for the optimists

  47. A bit off topic, but what is happening with INmusic (Zagreb, Croatia)?
    They have Placebo, Florence, Franz Ferdinand, Paolo Nutini, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death Cab for Cutie, Of Monsters and Man, La Loux, etc… for 40€ (+20 for camping)

  48. check again, she was announced today. i mean, having 3 sziget headliners for less than a price of a sziget day ticket

  49. My mistake, she was not mentioned in the program of the official web site yet, I found her on the facebook page

  50. Björk plays in Berlin on the 2nd of August, and in the UK on the 6th. She has cancelled Balaton Sound two years ago, which is organized by the same company as Sziget, so maybe this time they are trying to get her for Sziget instead.

  51. And this summer they are performing the entire dubnobasswithmyheadman live. Have we found one of the Main Stage closer playing after an headliner?

  52. Great news. I just saw that. Maybe Sziget Officiel will announce new names tomorrow at 11am. PS: It’s Sziget Festival Polska for the ones looking for the source. 🙂

  53. As far as we know right now, there will be no new names tomorrow. Nevertheless it could be that Sziget Poland will announce some Polish acts tomorrow, for which we haven’t been updated by our colleagues in Budapest yet.

    Kind regards,

    Sziget Festival Uk

  54. so are we getting new names today? i really hope so, these “coming soon” messages are so annoying

  55. The people at Sziget have done really well to get everyone talking about the festival only for everyone now not to give a shit as its been so long. It doesn’t make sense!

  56. It doesn’t make sense. Promoting the fact that they won the festival award and then not presenting a progressing line up.
    I’m losing interest as each day goes by.

  57. I see only two reasons 1) they don’t have much 2) they’re waiting for someone to announce. What doesn’t make sense is why they couldn’t announce some and leave that artist back if that is the case. I’m not holding my breath.

  58. Sziget always do the announcements late. This year is no different. they normally release a batch once a month from feb onwards. This year they started early. But it is not uncommon for them to wait until very late to announce big names.

    Buy your ticket and enjoy, its a great festival. Been the last 6 years and always had a great time. 🙂 Its more than just a music festival – i remember spending loads of time on the roma stage in previous years so glad to see it back:)

  59. Pukkelpop announcing first names on March 25th, also a bit late for them. Could they have been waiting for the same thing Sziget is waiting for? Maybe a surprise of some sort from both festivals. Maybe March 25th is the “new names are coming soon” date Sziget has been blasting their Facebook with.

  60. The Strokes’ european dates (only 2 for now) are May 30 at Primavera Sound and June 18 at Hyde Park, London. I really doubt they’d tour through Europe for 3 months, so I’d cut them out. And even if they did a proper tour I’m sure Werchter would have booked them as a headlining or a sub headlining act, and since those slots are full I don’t know if they’ll do other gigs. Happy to be disproved, I’d love to see The Strokes.

  61. italians!

    “Mancano 23 nomi su 28 sul Main Stage”

    correct translation please)

  62. I’m not italian but it means that there’s still 23 names (on 28) to be announced on the main stage.

    That’s not new but it’s good! If we don’t have good headliners I wouldn’t mind a good undercard.

  63. @Palinka, where did you hear new names before the end of NEXT month? Does this mean we will be waiting until mid-April for new names?

  64. Another hint today on Sziget Italia :Cari tutti, si sta lavorando anche sui nomi. Manca veramente poco al prossimo comunicato. Bisogna aspettare le conferme da parte delle band. Saremmo i primi ad essere super felici di scrivere qualche nome in più sulla bacheca. Ancora un po’ di pazienza e aggiungeremo altri artisti.
    Nel frattempo stiamo organizzando il più grande festival d’Europa. Non una roba da 24 ore di lavoro Sziget Italy :Dear all , we’re working on the names . We’re close to the next statement. We’re waitin for confirmation from the bands . We would be the first very happy to write some more name on the bulletin board . Still a little ‘patience and we add other artists .

    In the meantime, we are organizing the biggest festival in Europe. Not a thing of 24 hours of work

  65. He was obviously joking… Just reached one hundred comments on the same page of pure speculation, this only means Sziget is being silent. And I’m not really optimist for this year… Hoping for Linkin Park at least.

  66. Joking? Where’s the joke? he wrote ‘We’re close to the next statement’ nothing of impossible…

  67. Sziget Official answered a guy asking for the next announcement by saying “in our plans new names next week” 😀

  68. Looks like Muse european tour ends July 24 in Rome, then they move to Japan and I’m afraid they’ll be at Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco the weekend before Sziget.

  69. sziget official post says new acts “very soon”, my bet is tomorrow morning as they often do tuesday announcements it seems

  70. Hello people,

    Does anybody know what time Robbie Williams is playing on Monday (Day -1)?

    Most of the time they have the big act on at 21:30. Other times on the second to last slot followed by DJ e.g. last year they had:

    19:30 QOTSA
    21:30 Deadmouse

    I’m trying to sort out transport and the 2 hours could make a big difference.

  71. 21.30 for sure. Or even 21.00 if he asks for a bigger show. He’ll close the Main Stage for sure. Prince in 2011 even played from 20.30 to 23.00. Iron Maiden in 2008 and 2010 had a 2 hour special slot instead of a 1 hour and a half slot that normally headliners have.

  72. Thanks Noeliam & Bender.

    Robbie has a big Ego so I can see him doing at least a 2 hour set but probably 2.5 hours. As the main stage closes at 11, my guess is I have to be outside Sziget for 20:00pm to get in for 20:30 start.

    Thanks again and hope you both get the bands you want. I’m with you Bender, I would love Underworld playing Dubnobasswithmyheadman, one of my favourite ever albums. I have been to the last 4 Szigets and Blur has been my favourite gig so would love to see them again.

  73. No problem 🙂 Underworld would close the main stage right? a la Chemical Brothers?

    In other news, Lowlands also have an announcement “very soon”. But they are more likely to share an act with Pukkelpop/Frequency than Sziget!

  74. We also have another info: Sziget Festival Official before the weekend we’ll announce some new names.
    But I think we already knew that.

  75. 1- john doe wouldn’t act like you do;
    2- the admin seems absent, he hasn’t even posted a new article about the fact that we are getting names this week.

  76. I guess we are getting names this week, but not very soon as they wrote, maybe only on friday

  77. Yeah took that’s a guess. Or they are close to signing a headliner and would want to add him to the announcement if possible?
    okay john it’s you now prove it.

  78. @Noeliam: the admin isn’t absent, he’s always here. 🙂 Regarding the new names thing, we waited to see how and if anyhing turns out.
    Yes, it’s the real john doe.

  79. Today is B my Lake names. Maybe tommorrow. Friday is too close to th weekend i think. The love is usually spreading on Thursday from Sziget.

  80. @castor
    that would make sense, though I was really hoping it was happening today 🙁
    what could cool mean? we need an other clue 😀

  81. Aren’t the four letters of COOL the first one of four headliners? For instance, C – Coldplay and the L – Linkin Park or something like that?

  82. One “O” of the COOL is The Offspring i think.
    I hope, that “C” is CHVRCHES.

  83. Why did you say “but” after no MGMT?

    If it’s the initial of some bands yes I can see

    C- Chemicals?
    O- Offspring?
    O- Of Monsters and Men?
    L- Libertines/Linkin Park?

  84. He would play in the A38 or the party arena right?

    Do you have infos on bands, not DJ? Or for the world music stage… is Tiken Jah coming? 🙂

  85. Probably not Depeche Mode.
    If there were initials I would love Damian Marley but it seems like it’s a 4 letter band/artist.

  86. so it seems like no news today 🙁 and i really hope that they can come up with something more exciting than alesso and dropkinck murphys…

  87. Usually festivals don’t share acts the same day so I guess it’s normal.

    Knife Party will be good. I don’t really know about Alesso and Dropkick Murphy. Thanks! Anything else? 🙂

  88. yes, coming up with knife party/alesso/dropkinck murphys after teasing us and promising “soon” for weeks, people would be really upset

  89. It’s only 3 names out of a lot to be announced 🙂 And only one would play on the main stage (DM) and it’s not even a headliner. Don’t worry!

  90. Is the sziget the new tomorrowland?
    I love electronic music (Like Chemical Brothers, Justice etc.) but please stop “new era” DJ (like Garrix, Alesso, Bassjackers).

    Knife party are sooo good but we really need some band!! Something (in my opinion) like Offspring, LP, Foo Fighters and (why not) a return of Anti-Flag, that last year they totally destroyed the stage.

    However nice to see you again John 🙂

  91. Linkin Park will play in Rybnik, Poland
    It semms like they are playing in much smaller cities than ever before

  92. Thanks john! I hope better names with the announcement.

    @Cesar: Foo Fighters are in the US during Sziget. Anti-Flag was my first circle pit it was awesome 🙂

  93. I’m okay with the undercard… if he doesn’t hint us headliner-wise i hope it means they are too big to be revealed.

  94. Yes they are more likely not to come, unfortunately 🙁

    B my Lake 2015 is proud to announce:
    Matador ? Mind Against ? Rodriguez Jr

  95. If the hints really are Dropkick Murphys and Knife Party I will marry john doe.

  96. @john doe : Is Alesso the bigger name or will there be at least one headliner among the acts in this announcement ?

  97. Linkin Park announced for Rock N Heim as expected, but they moved their dates (23 of august)… I hope they will still come anyway.

  98. they have moved the date because it was supposed to be a 3-day festival. they could not get 3 decent headliners, so they have made it a 1-day event. the price was 105€ for 3days+camping, now they lowered it to 85 € for the one day without camping… it won’t be a huge success, people are quite upset

  99. Oh god, not Alesso. Last year he was an headliner of Balaton Sound so I’m afraid he’ll close the Main Stage one day. Really hope it’s not Day Zero, I want a huge opening party act.

  100. from experience, alesso’s sets are very hit or miss and depend largely on the audience. if he’s playing for a crowd who will eat up top 40 radio hits, he’ll play them (often the case with festival audiences). on the contrary, if he’s playing for a crowd educated in electronic music then he’ll put on a great show. saw him play a 2.5 hour set in canada once and it was among the best well-rounded sets i’ve seen

  101. So…
    Hint 1- Alesso
    Hint 2- Knife Party (though JD didn’t confirm with a :-D??)
    Hint 3- Dropkicks
    Hint 4- Interpol

    Interpol the only one of interest to me, but for my friends Dropkicks will go down well so I’ll take them.

    Hoping for some more Innervisions artists to go with Dixon, Tame Impala and Pond. That’ll do me. Not bothered about headliners but out of the rumours the one I’d like the most are The Strokes

  102. Zürich Openair (26-29.08) announcement tomorrow. They share a few bands with Sziget each year.

  103. Recap:

    – Interpol (in my opinion good but not wonderfull)
    – Foals (guys really sorry but I really don’t know who they are)
    – Alesso (pure s**t in my opinion)
    – Knife Party (comparable with Skrillex last years; they can do a really nice dj set)
    – dropkicks (some discussion for the Foals)

    Jonh…take me a chance to see this years Linkin Park. They are playin in all the possible place; i can’t belevie they will not play at Sziget.
    If the problem is the budget cut Robin W (when i saw the announcement i think “ok…so in 2016 sziget will be opened by Nicki Minaj or Lady gaga 😉

    And support Chemical Brothers!!!! an opened show host by them will be awesone!!!

  104. Interpol, Foals, Dropkick Murphys and Knife Party are great addictions. I’m only curious to see who’ll be the headliner announced. Fingers crossed for Linkin Park and Chemical Brothers!

  105. News from Sziget Official Polska

    Ponad 20 nowych wykonawców do??cza do sk?adu Sziget 2015!
    Selah Sue, Foals, MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS, Interpol, Knife Party, Paloma Faith, Gentleman, SBTRKT, Dropkick Murphys, Beatsteaks, MØ, Vitalic, William Fitzsimmons, The Maccabees, Gentleman, Alesso i inni…

  106. Alesso / Beatsteaks / Dotan / Dropkick Murphys / Foals / Foxes / Future Islands / Gentleman & The Evolution / Halestorm / Interpol / Knife Party / MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS / MO / NERVO / Paloma Faith / SBTRKT / Selah Sue / The Maccabees / Typhoon / Vitalic Official live / William Fitzsimmons / Yellow Claw

    good names, but no headliners again…

  107. I am happy with Foals, Interpol, The Maccabees, Mo, &Beatsteaks

    But it’s really strange that we still don’t have any headliners for the normal days…

  108. They would have been announced if they were already booked. So they are not.

    Good announcement, I like the undercard so far 🙂

  109. Foals or Beatsteaks are easy big enough to headline based on previous Sziget headline choices. Both have headlined festivals in their own countries

  110. NIkolaj Mitreski And where are the big headliner names??? Still no Noel Gallagher…

    Sziget Festival Official NIkolaj – we are announcing names constantly! headliners will also arrive

  111. Trust me people. All the headliners were already booked at least in december… they just bring the names slowly as marketing thing. We just have to wait and play games with John i guess 😉

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