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The second big Sziget 2011 line up announcement is here!

Just as expected, the organizers have given us the second big Sziget 2011 line up announcement today. And things are as good as they can be. It looks even more like we’re gonna have a brilliant Sziget week this year.

Apart from Amy Winehouse and Lostprophets – two acts we told you about, here’s what the announcement (and, by consequence, the Sziget 2011 line up) has to offer:

Kasabian, The Maccabees and Good Charlotte are coming, and so do Deftones and Within Temptation (returning after an excellent performance a few years ago).

Joining will be Kid Cudi, as well as Peter Bjorn and John.

The World Music lineup is completed by Socalled, Choc Quib Town and Cheikh Lo.

Here’s the official announcement.

No official White Lies announcement yet.





17 thoughts on “The second big Sziget 2011 line up announcement is here!

  1. Terrible new names (except Kasabian and The Maccabees) . What the hell were they thinking? It’s a joke. This is the final lineup or there will be more names?

  2. @LiT of course there will be more names. I hope for 2 more announcements of this size.

  3. okay great, but hopefully these bands aren’t the headliners.

    i want:
    – augustana
    – paramore
    – does it offend you, yeah?

  4. Some decent names, some boring names – not an amazing update, but still lot to come:

    Still missing…

    …11 bands for the mainstage
    … 7 bands for WAN2/A38
    … 4 bands for the metalstage
    …10 bands for the worldmusicstage
    … 1 band for the Party Arena
    … 5 DJ-headliner for the Party Arena
    … lot of bands for the Europe Stage

  5. Having said that the Sziget France page doesn’t have any of the other new bands liked.

  6. It’s a good hint and exactly what they did in the past on MySpace: hide hints about other bands which will be confirmed!

    Oh boy: I hope if it’s true that Linkin Park will play on the metal stage and we get a proper headliner for the mainstage instead! 😉 (Okay: there’s no way that Linkin Park wouldn’t play mainstage)

  7. do you guys have any idea, where this new open air metal/rock stage will be? it should be huge if Deftones,Lost prophets/Motörhead are playing there…

  8. @art: nothing official yet, but my guess is the former MR2 stage (where the commercial hungarian bands played in the last few years!).

  9. Amy Winehouse on 13.08.!

    BTW: Sziget always try to have a more or less commercial female act headlining or co-headlining the mainstage on one day – Lily Allen, Pink, Sinead O’Conner, Alanis Morissette,… I personally think Amy Winehouse is a better choice than all of the mentioned (even though Lily Allen might have been more interesting if she just had co-headlined the day)… 😉

  10. Last year, there was no female act on the main stage, so I guess there will be more this year. I just hope they wont put her as a headliner.

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