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This Will Destroy You at Sziget 2009?

Szigetnews friend feef. has sent us some very interesting news. He says that he talked to This Will Destroy You and that they told him that they will play at this year’s Sziget Festival. They’re quite an interesting band. Wikipedia says they play instrumental post-rock, we really don’t know if they can be categorized. Anyway, the songs on their MySpace are well worth checking out. Just click here to do that.

UPDATE: We’ve talked to Matthias, from their management, and he says they’re not confirmed. Let’s hope they do get confirmed, as they’re quite an interesting band.

3 thoughts on “This Will Destroy You at Sziget 2009?

  1. What does Rock Against Racism have to do with Sziget?

    As far as I was aware Rock Against Racism was a pretty much exclusively British thing, plus it’s becoming increasingly irrelevant since we live in increasingly liberal times and I would presume that everyone attending Sziget would have pretty liberal minds anyway…

  2. Beeing “against Racism” is not about a trademark. And I think it’s not eclusively British anyway.
    Concerning the political situation in Hungary it’s important for many young people to express that they are against racism: The reason is that the right wing extremists in Hungary are a growing political movement and became more agressive in the latest months. There are groups wearing uniforms like the Nazis did and they attack gypsy villages.
    I’m sure most sziget visitors have liberal minds. And we should support their efforts against racism.

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