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Three more interesting acts self-confirmed!

Good news today. Three more interesting acts have confirmed themselves for Sziget Festival 2011.

First of all, we’re talking about Great Imitation (we got an e-mail from their bass player, saying that they’ve won the Surface Unsigned competition in the UK). They are fully confirmed, but are still waiting for the date when they will be playing Sziget Festival 2011. The Sziget appearance is also mentioned on their MySpace. As for their style, they are “a mash up of a lot of different styles – mainly indie/pop/hip hop and spoken word.” Check them out on their MySpace, especially since they have a single coming out this summer, which they are set to record in a few weeks.

The second act is Gypsy Sound System, from Switzerland. The duo plays a highly energetic mix of folk, festive, biodynamic & combined music, according to their MySpace, where they are confirmed to play Sziget Festival 2010. Check out the tracks on their MySpace, they are quite interesting.

Last but not least, DJ Ondrej Psyla, from the Czech Republic, is also playing Sziget 2011, according to his MySpace. “His sets range from 130 bpm (Progressive trance) over 145 bpm (morning melodic full on trance) of 148 bpm (Night Full on Trance). Since 2004, he plays in the chillout with flutist Andy Warhol. In their recent performances you will hear mainly psychill and ambient.”, as he describes himself.

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