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Thursday playing Sziget 2011?

Here’s an interesting piece of information, that our friends art and Mellowmaniac have noticed.

Thursday are self-confirming themselves for Sziget 2011 on their MySpace page and, since they have a new album out and are touring in August, this seems like very plausible information.

The interesting part is that there is also a band called Wednesday that self-confirmed here, a rapper called Friday, that self-confirmed (he’s on tour too, it could be plausible) and even one called Saturday, which we didn’t find… 🙂 Saturday, also self-confirmed.

So far, we only tend to believe Thursday… 🙂


12 thoughts on “Thursday playing Sziget 2011?

  1. BTW: all these bands have been listed by the same source “GigJunkie” what gave me the feeling that it’s a hoax! 😉

  2. @mellowmaniac: yup, noticed that too. We sent MySpace message to Thursday. Hopefully someone from their camp will answer and figure things out.

  3. Hmm.. this looks like a Rebecca Black conspiracy to me.
    Maybe that Sunday comes afterwards? 😛

  4. Lineup announcement coming next week!

    (via sziget facebook:
    Amar Amratia
    When is the next lineup announcement?
    Sziget Festival Official: next week!)

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