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Toy Dolls at Sziget Festival 2010

We have some really great news for all of you punk fans going to Sziget this year. Legendary punk rock band Toy Dolls is set to play at this year’s Sziget Festival.

This great news is confirmed on their official website. Toy Dolls are set to play on Sziget Festival 2010’s Main Stage, on August 11. If you don’t believe us, check out “New Dates” in the “Tour” section of the Toy Dolls official website.

6 thoughts on “Toy Dolls at Sziget Festival 2010

  1. @Sumo:

    – Iron Maiden do have offdays at the time of Sziget – this way might be schedulewise able to play Sziegt, but I guess that they are too expensive to bring them back 2010.

    – Motorhead have no festival- or tourdates announced for August. This doesn’t make them impossible for Sziget, but I guess that the bookers will more easily bring other metalbands touring at the time (like Sepultura, Il Nino, Heaven’n’Hell and many others)

    – Children of Bodom are playing at Bloodstock and Summerbreeze so that there is a good chance schedulewise, but I’m not sure if they will be one of the first choices for the Sziget bookers…

  2. Hey guys….and what do you think about NOFX and Bad religion? They’re on tour in Europe and have some festival’s dates already confirm on August….

    It would be awesome a day with this two great bands!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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