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Turbo Band in the Sziget 2010 lineup

The Sziget 2010 lineup has got another interesting act. Hungarian band Turbo Band has self-confirmed its presence for Sziget 2010. These guys sound quite interesting and you can watch them play live at Sziget 2010 on August 15, according to their MySpace page.

Thanks go to Gabor.

22 thoughts on “Turbo Band in the Sziget 2010 lineup

  1. Hungarian bands:

    9., (-1): Kispál és a Borz

    10. (0): Ladánybene 27

    11., (1): Bridge To Solace

    12., (2): Besh o droM, AWS, Subscribe

    13., (3): Blind Myself, Goulasch Exotica

    14., (4): Depresszió

    15., (5): Napra, Superbutt, Watch My Dying, Turbo

  2. yo yo yo, does anyone know… is their to be any more big name announcements from the US/UK?


  3. Alex, sure, there are still two headliners waiting to be announced any many more international names…
    just dont know when

  4. I’m afraid The Specials will headline (if they can’t book any bigger band), so only one headliner is left to announce. I really hope it’s not going to happen, but I think it’s quite possible.

  5. Its quite possible Sinead OConnor will come… she´s in Slovakia the week sziget is about to be… So, well have to wait… and then see

  6. I think the Sinead O’Conner concert at Sziget was one of the most boring concerts I’ve ever seen! I’m still hoping for Madness, Iggy & The Stooges, Röyksopp or The Cult… 😉

  7. “On Thursday, 13th May, more of this year’s Sziget news, even more programs and information about an EU collaboration are going to be published!”

    Source: official Sziget Facebook site!

  8. I think that the most possible headliner is Royksopp.

    Also it possible to see Serj Tankian, Skunk Anansie, Editors (they have released new album after their show on Sziget 2009).
    Also there are a lot of great DJ’s, that are touring in Europe on sziget-time and have free dates: David Guetta, Tiesto, ATB. I think one of theese names will be on Sziget.

    I hope to see La Roux, Blue October, Donots (they have new album), ATB, The Cranberries.

    waiting for Thursday!

  9. I personally hope for the Sziget-crew to confirm acts like: Jonsi (mainstage act imo), And So I Watch You From Afar, Raised Fist, Nedry and and as a large electronic act: Kraftwerk. Would be awesome, and will probably just stay a dream…
    Even though most of them are actually playing Pukkelpop this year, which would mean they’re in europe a week a few days after Sziget..
    We’ll know more next thursday! 😀

  10. Still Hoping For PEARL JAM……..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i hope rage against the machine will lengthen their tour and they will become one of sziget’s headliners.

  12. I dont thing Guetta and these will come, because they are on Balaton Sound… and that festival has an amazing electronic line up.. aah… but, yes. Royksopp are in slovakia at that time, so I think they will come.
    lets wait till tomorrow )) hope theyll give us really big names!

  13. and, maybe blood red shoes could come along with Foals… the most amazing news for me would be that The Knife would come… or Fever Ray, aah

  14. Simian Mobile Disco will play on the 12th (MySpace). Based on this Gorillaz SS should play on the 14th!

  15. Félsziget/Peninsula lineup was announced today: Korn, Tricky, Ska-P, Europe, the Rasmus, Babylon Circus.

    I hope that Korn will come to Sziget, too.

  16. Pearl Jam, Kraftwerk and Korn will not play Sziget!

    – Pearl Jam announced all their summer tour dates
    – Kraftwerk will not play european festivals this year
    – Korn are touring the USA at the time of Sziget

    Chances for Rage Against The Machine are close to none, because they tour Europe in June and no other european dates or even rumours are around.

    There is a very small chance for Kings of Leon, but chances aren’t too big.

    …I hope tomorrow we will know more! 😉

  17. I just saw their tour schedule 🙁
    The Felsziget lineup is peretty week, I would not travel that far for Korn.

  18. @Mellowmaniac

    I know about Kraftwerk not playing any european festivals this year, that’s why i said it’s probably just a dream 😉
    Sure hope the new names will be good!

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