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  1. sziget festival official (facebook!: We are going to announce the full lineup in late May-early June.

  2. SZIGET FESTIVAL OFFICIAL: Az új neveket folyamatosan fogjuk bejelenteni, nagyobb “adagok” már nem lesznek. Várhatóan május végéig-június elején felkerül a napi program is.

    That means that new names will come one by one and there will be no more big announcements.

  3. all though there are names that personally i really want to see i feel that the line up as a whole is not really anything special so bit of a let down if this is true 🙁 where are the bands that compare to muse and iron maiden? i am hoping that they are calming people down to announce a big name but i doubt it and i found this link on sziget official wall it quotes that 2manydjs will play late night?

    “Some of the names performing at Party Arena have already been announced: The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 and Kid Cudi will definitely come to do a set. New additions include Trentemoller and Zombie Nation and finally there is also news on the late evening acts. 2 Many DJs led by the Dawaele brothers is planning to give all fans a spectacular and crazy night at Party Arena. The coolest trance-collective of Great Britain, Above & Beyond will not only focus on their classic tracks, but will also make you dance like crazy with their new album ‘Group Therapy’, to be released in June. The most popular and versatile techno-musician of Spain, Cristian Varela will be here and the oustanding DJ, producer and remixer Dubfire will also arrive to this year’s Sziget in the company of Carlo Lio. Another guest of the Party Arena will be Richie Hawtin, one of the most outstanding features of the minimal techno scene, living in Berlin for a long time. And Technasia will play again for party faces open for a special and exotic techno experience.” –

  4. @kieran: so this means that there is one headlining slot left for Party Arena. BB DC 77 will headline at 7:30 PM, as well as Kid Cudi, Trentemoller and Zombie Nation because they all have live sets. And when we consider that 2manyDJs is planning to give us a spectacular and crazy NIGHT, that means, that they will play later.
    I wish for j´Justice or Digitalism, I hope they really have big suprises left, as Sziget Italia stated.

  5. Actually it wouldn’t make a big difference performancewise, because the “live” version of 2manydjs is the same as the “dj” version, just with visuals.

  6. so it means that Kasabian is not a headliner, and it is a good news.

  7. Status of lineup as today:

    – 10., 11. and 14.08. complete
    – 12.08. one (co-)opener and a headliner missing
    – 13.08. one co-headliner missing

    – probably 5 additional acts

    – 4 additional acts

    – Headliner live & DJ complete

    – still 11 acts to be confirmed

    – complete and timeschedule posted

  8. I think that A38-Wan2 is also complete. There will be added only hungarian bands i think.
    Because already there is 20 international acts. For example in 2009 there was 15, in 2010 – 19.

  9. @chudo_pahan: You are probably right!

    I have the feeling that they will add a latenight DJ act each day (like Kees van Hondt, Digital Mystikz and Kode9) what could be pretty interesting, because it would also help to relief the party arena and meduza…

  10. BBDC77 at 19:30, are you sure? :O

    I thought they would play at night like Boys Noize last year!

  11. The Party Arena has two headliners each night: one live-headliner (last year at 19:30h) and one DJ-headliner later on.

    The live acts are: Kid Cudi, Bloody Beetroots, 2manydjs, Trentemoller and Zombie Nation (even though there is a discussion if 2manydjs might perform at the late spot.

    The DJ-headliner are: Dubfire & Carlo Lio, Richie Hawtin, Marc Houle & Ambivalent, Cristian Varela, Technasia and Above & Beyond.

  12. @MrCrash: What are you worried about? The headline DJs at the party arena don’t perform earlier than 00:00h and the possible spot for DJs at Wan2/A38 would be around 01:30h!

  13. @Mellowmaniac
    in 2008 I recall that justice had to play 23h/00h
    in 2010, DJ Shadow played at 19.30 :s

    The headlining and co headlining the stage PARTY ARENA should instead play after 23h, it seem to me more logical

  14. i agree with that if anything it should be the wan2/a38 who’s headlners should be at 7 30 and the party arena live acts at 11 30 and dj’s early hours of the morning. i did not like how everyone just got kicked out last year after the live hl acts it dampens the mood i thought

  15. Students in hungary can get discounted tickets until the 31th of may. So I gess they want to announce the last bands only in early june.

  16. we will know the whole line-up in may, because the detailed schedule will be announced then.

  17. @dakota: not that it’s impossible, but in the last years there have been empty slots where bands haven’t been confirmed yet which were filled with names one after the other!

  18. @Mellowmaniac: yes, you are right, but those names, who will be announced after the schedule, will be only semi-performers. but we will find out the major ones with “the almost schedule”, or not? : S

  19. Well Sziget Festival Official stated, that the FULL line-up will be announced in late may or early june.
    However, I clearly believe that 2manyDJs will only play late like Boys Noize and Erol Alkan last year and that there will be bigger headlining DJs. I really dont know these DJs that have been announced. In the past years, I knew about Eric Prydz, Armin Van Buuren, Boys Noize and Erol, Timo Maas (or Deadmau5 who actually did not perform), anyway, I havent heard of any of these “DJ headliners” that have yet been announced, I think there will be more big names and one more live headliner.

    As for A38, I think there is one headlining slot left for Saturday (that is the 13th of August). We have quite big names for each day: Hurts, Crystal Castles, Peter Bjorn and John, (then nothing, only Terry Poison that really isnt that big) and Marina & The Diamonds on Sunday. So I think we will get one more headliner here- there are only 5 bands announced for Saturday and there were always 6-7 bands each day if I am not mistaken.

    I am very afraid whether they dont put Dizzee Rascal as a headliner. I mean, some months ago, Sziget Italia stated, that Interpol, Skunk Anansie, Dizzee Rascal and The National will be the co-headlining bands. And now that we have Skunk and Dizzee performing on the same day, anything can happen… we will see in some weeks.

  20. At what time do headliners play in the A38? Cause i dont want to choose between Crystal Castles and Kasabian or worse, The Chemical Brothers!

  21. I think the metal stage headliners will play at the same time as the main stage headliners because the open-air concerts have to finish by 11 PM. It is so because of the noise and stuff, so they will start at 9:30 and end at 11, I think.

  22. My bad..
    #FF means not foo fighters
    #FF means follow Friday
    I didn’t know that.. Sorry

  23. i think theres not comming more big acts! i think the missing acts are many hungarian acts like Tankcsapda@mainstage.

  24. Tankcsapda would play at Metal Stage if so… I think there will be more big names. Two or three. Not as big as for example Muse, of course, but bigger than Tankcsapda 😀

  25. @Peter
    for PRODIGY I think it’s dead because there is already a headliner with electro CHEMICAL BROTHER

    have a chance to see CYPRESS HILL ??co headlining on 13/08/2011, because they will be at Heitere Open Air Festival (Switzerland) on 12/08/2011.

    I hope TRANCSKAPDA not take the place of a headline or co headlining on the Metal Stage especially since they were already present in 2008 and 2010

  26. Perhaps interesting for all friends of the Party Arena:

    Confirmed for August 12.: Trentemöller (live), Dubfire & Carlo Lio (dj) and Technasia (dj).

    The interesting thing is that till right now exactly ten slots were filled by the confirmed artists. Usually there are 5 live headliners and 5 DJ headliners at Sziget – with 3 of the previously confirmed artists performing on the 12th there has to be one more headliner to be announced…

    There are two options: 1) we get an additional DJ or (as discussed) 2manydjs will perform at the late night slot and we will get another live act!

    (actually there is a third option: one of the headlineslots will be filled with a local artist…)

  27. So option 2 increases the chances of The Prodigy :), as they will not headline the mainstage because there’s already a electro headliner. They might be that live act in the Party Arena?

    They play in Spain on aug 13th.

  28. Well, the Kills really wouldnt play at Party Arena, I think they would play at A38. However, Justice, Digitalism or SebastiAn would be great

  29. 2manydjs for the 11th 😀
    dance line up for the 11th is ridiculous torqux&twist 2manydjs hadouken chemical brothers
    shame hadouken will open mainstage as they wont get a great crowd as it will be way to hot/early/light 🙁 i thought they really suited the party arena live headliner not only for the reasons stated but for the fact that they dont play as well open air 🙁 🙁

  30. No seriously. I really hope 2manyDJs will play a late night show. Kasabian – Chemical Brothers – Crystal Castles – 2manyDJs in a row. I dont think im gonna survive!

  31. It would be great if 2manydjs would play at the late night slot, but they announced a “live” set which usually takes place at 19:30 – at the same time as Kasabian…

    Usually the weekend was the “strongest” time of the Sziget booking, but this year the first two days are extremely strong and the weekend (especially the saturday so far) seem to be very weak.!?

  32. @Mellowmaniac
    but last year Infected Mushroom also play live act, and they play at night)
    on the oficial site wrote: “…and finally there are also news on the late evening acts. 2manydjs led by the Dawaele brothers is planning to give all fans a spectacular and crazy night at Party Arena”.
    And i think it speaks for itself.
    Hope it will be one more live act on Party Arena.

  33. @chudo_pahan: This gives me hope! 😉 I’m still freaked out about the probable (Pulp vs. Suicidal Tendencies vs. Motorhead) and (The Chemical Brothers vs. Bomb The Bass vs. Judas Priest vs. Gotan Project) clashs that I’d be happy to see Kasabian AND 2manydjs!

  34. New names:
    – Goose (Party Arena – 2manydjs therefor late night indeed!)
    – Helloween (Metalstage)
    – Turbostaat now confirmed for A38/Wan2

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