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Turrentine Jones Wins Sziget 2015 Facebook Voting Contest

Update: It has been confirmed that the band will perform on the British Knights Europe Stage on Sunday the 16th, at 13:00.

Manchester (UK) based indie / rock / blues / blues rock band Turrentine Jones has gathered an overwhelming majority of the votes (3,657 of them) during the Sziget 2015 Facebook Voting Contest, knocking out bands like Plastic Barricades (UK), Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z (Haiti) who finished second and third. This means that Turrentine Jones will have the chance to make its voice heard and its name well known through a gig on the Europe Stage, on the 16th (Sunday), between 13:00 – 13:45.

(The information has appeared on the artist’s Songkick page, but it is not yet listed in Sziget’s official program)

Turrentine Jones has a short, but notable history. The band was formed by Australian singer and guitarist Julian Neville alongside Thomas Scotson (electric organ) and Rich Watts (drums, vocals) in 2012.

After releasing a handful of singles, they made their major festival debut at the Glastonbury 2013, playing on the BBC Introducing stage. They were the third most shared act of the day on the BBC website.

Their performance is also notable because of a gadget-related record: according to The Telegraph, they were the first band to perform with a Google Glass on stage (drummer/vocalist Rich Watts is to blame for that one).

The debut album of the band, “Our Days” was released in August 2014, and it was well received. “Moonlight Is On Yer Side” was played on over 40 radio stations in the UK, also being featured on numerous TV shows in the country.

(Photo: WikiMedia Commons)

42 thoughts on “Turrentine Jones Wins Sziget 2015 Facebook Voting Contest

  1. They should put Blur or Damon Albarn on A38 stage 3 AM slot… at Roskilde Damon had a 5 hours set and he was carried off stage by security. LOL!

  2. These guys are good. Do you mean the British Night Europe stage? Can’t find it on the program

  3. Off-topic: When he was on Exit Festival in Serbia last year, I was in the first row and Damon Albarn climbed the fence and I hugged his stomach 😀

  4. That’s a whole lotta votes. Never heard of them but I guess that’s the point. Credit to Sziget for putting on new bands will check ’em out

  5. VOLT has finished, Balaton starts in two days… so maybe something tomorrow or next week after Balaton?

  6. It’s 3 at least as the competition winners are on the Europe stage so there’s still 3 between the main stage and a38.

  7. The Jimmy Eat World frontman announved a solo tour in Europe which will start the 17th from Germany.

    Dunno, but it’s a chance, even if it doesn’t really turn me on.

    Moar hype people, pls ??

  8. There are way better bands on tour and available (like Millencolin) if they really want to book something good. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it.

    Right now it even seems like they have put all their communication skills together and decided that no news is the best way to go both on Facebook and elsewere. I’ve tried to stay positive for a while, but a festival should live for a continuous buzz until it starts, so here I can’t understand anything else than that it will be three crappy names announced at some point.

    If I’m wrong, good for us, but then the marketing department should be sacked.

  9. When I went in 2013 they did this and the bands they announced late were Babylon Circus and The Fratellis, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up

  10. Assuming that they are gonna call 2014’s names (following jd hints), I won’t bet on Millencolin, sadly, but also It is sure that Jimmy Eat World won’t play.

    Marketing, organization, communication, transparency and all the other important stuff have been totally refused by Sziget this year.
    If the selling won’t punish ’em I’m sure that there’s a God-of-the-festival out there that will know for sure what to do

  11. I think Tm, Eddie and yelo should go to something like Rock Werchter. It’s an excellent festival especially if all you care about is line ups and relentless advertising of the festival before you go.

    I can’t work out why your going to Sziget. You all seem to know about previous years and have been previously disappointed so why keep going?

  12. I’m still hoping that a final catchy artist or band name will be at 5:45 PM on MS at the final day of the festival. Last year we had Imagine Dragons at that time interval, not in the final day, but about the other 2014 5:45 PM slots from you can’t say you had very popular bands, except this one. Leningrad, Ska-P, Bastille, CeeLo Green, Punnany Massif, The Kooks are not as popular as Imagine Dragons, so I’m still hoping they’ll find a proper band to complete the MainStage.

  13. I’ve been to Werchter, four times. It’s a great festival. But I’m a teacher now, which means I’m limited to festivals at the end of July, August and Easter. No Glastonbury, no Bestival, no Werchter for me. I’ve said on a number of occasions on here than the line up is OK for me, but that seems to be getting ignored. Just because it’s OK, doesn’t mean it’s amazing or can’t improve, and no one is defending the headliners, not even the festival themselves. They’ve already made they excuses in public.

    When I went to Sziget in 2013, it didn’t have a good line up, but that appeared to be more of an exception rather than the rule. I also really enjoyed it, despite the line up, which I’m entitled to do. So we decided to give it another chance, which I’m also entitled to do. I’m also entitled to visit again next year if I want, and to comment on the line up again.

  14. Lets clear this thing right now. i loved Sziget last year so bad I was thinking at the next year meanwhile I was in the coach heading back home from Hungary.
    I waited April to buy my ticket, it doesn’t make me the smartest of the consumer, but that’s it. Why I bought ticket than and now I’m still complaining? because they made promises.
    They didn’t promised rock lineup or metal stage, they told that next year would have been even greater. It’s marketing, but it’s a promise you’re making to your consumers.
    I’m not saying they failed the line up (it is subjective), but I’m saying that they failed at transparency and than at marketing: they announced names that became headliner telling at the era that bigger stuff was in their own way coming, so anyone waited for something even bigger than robbie, florence, alt j and garrix, things that didn’t came. It’s a lie and it’s awful how most of the people here (most of ’em are also consumers) don’t recognize things how they are: I like many of the names on the bill, I told it a lot of times, but they behaved really bad.
    Any other explaination, or now I make it clear?

  15. Jamie: @I just came from Werchter so I know what’s out there and I know the differences between festivals. @Yelo made some really good points. One must be allowed to critizise the line up and still appreciate the other things Sziget has to offer. On my part though it’s mostly the way they communicate that annoys me. It’s smells of such amateurism that it almost makes me more sad than angry.

    Sziget will be my fourth festival this year and that makes me quite lucky. I have the ability to go to others and see the bands I like, but not everybody does and they rely heaviliy on Sziget keeping their promises. I’m sure I will find something to listen to, but that doesn’t make it alright to downgrade in such manner as I think they’ve done. When I bought my ticket (before X-mas) I had already calculated that “sziget-vibe” into the value of the ticket. When I feel the bookings aren’t up to the standard they should be, that value decreases. Can’t be that difficult to understand?

  16. I’m glad you’ve been to Werchter. It is quality. I’ve been 4 times as well. Pukklepop is another festival that is good for line up and strangely in Belgium but it is in August so a possible alternative.

    I think we have all been there when a event such as a festival has said that next years will be even better blah blah blah and then its not and you think broken promises but I think it has to be put into perspective. Just because its not as good this year for you it might be as good if not better for other people. For example I’ve been checking out this festival for years as I’ve been interested in going for a long time and the year I finally decided to go the line up is good for me but not as good as it is for my girlfriend. She loves the line up. This will make a good change as normally the festivals we go to is normally dominated by acts I like and only a few she actually likes.

    Of course it’s fine for people to complain about how the festival is run and be disappointed about the line up (especially if you have to buy tickets before the line up is announced), but some people have been moaning constantly about the festival and on previous years. I just think if you feel the need to moan that much about something don’t go.

  17. yes the biggest problem is the way they handle communication. Yes they admitted it’s bad, but did nothing about it (Werchter did faith no more after Dave Grohl…), they just sitting around and laughing that they still sell tickets because of the cheap beer and sziget feeling. And that’s the festival goers fault, if everyone would refuse to buy a ticket they might considering to change the tactics and go for decent bands next year.

    Also still think that reducing the ticket prices is still not happened with headliners like awful DJs and ellie goulding is pathetic.

  18. Yelo “so anyone waited for something even bigger than robbie, florence, alt j and garrix, things that didn’t came”? Avicii (even if it’s not my favorite) Kasabian and Kings of Leon man? and I personally think this two bands (and Florence) will make my set of 3 big headliners on the main.. and I really don’t need more than 3-4 headliners I really like on the main stage. This 3 objectively could be headliners in most major festivals. Plus altj (typical good sub band given the opportunity to headline in many festivals this year), plus robbie williams (not my style but big headliner to watch), plus Avicii after kasabian (not my style but I will need to rest so i’ll see him from a bar), plus one night with ellie but with Interpol in the tent, plus end show… I don’t think this year’s problems is the size of the headliners. Last year has been an exception because of the amount of artists in august in europe, but normally Sziget doesn’t have 7 international big headliners. In my opinion on the main we have 5 good headliners a super famous dj and the end show, which is good for sziget normally, and very good for me this year, because this time i’m coming for relaxing and having fun most of all. Also Colosseum and World are excellent this year.

    The problems are two: the first one is that 2014 has been too good for the numbers (7 headliners for everyone’s taste plus deadmau5, skrillex, harris) and sziget said “it will be even bigger next year”. Maybe they tried to, but no. It was very hard, pukkelpop and lowlands are getting smaller headliners year after year, so sziget didn’t have to be so incautious. The second problem is that people wanted some more rock: more rock headliners (maybe instead of ellie or robbie), more rock undercard. But this year the week is just unlucky, with a lot of good bands being in US during sziget and Tame Impala not comin back in time.

  19. Don’t get me wrong, there are good band in first place at sziget as headliner (well, part of them), but even if everyone speaks about the lack of names around this summer, I wanted to remember about Muse, Linkin Park, Chemical Brothers, The Offsprings, TV on the Radio, Kayne West, Kendrick Lamar, and if was able to use a Pc instead of only an iPhone the list would even get longer and everyone knows this.
    They begun in a good way, with at least Florence and Alt J, then they picked Robbie Williams that is an arguable choice (don’t really know if better or worse than Mika or Prince, to tell the truth) and than something cracked down.
    Martin Garrix headlining the end show? Why the hell?
    Ellie Goulding headlining a day? Why not Interpol at this point?
    It’s not the fact I don’t like those names, it is the fact they aren’t neither a little critical acclaimed, and I don’t care about what kind of music they play but HOW they play. So don’t say “you are always moaning go to *random festival name* instead”, I payed the money I payed for a good service, it didn’t came, and it is clearly in front of you eyes, just open ’em!

    About the KoL and the Kasabian (Avicii doesn’t deserve my attention ’cause that kind of mainstream music it is only lights and really little more, and I find it a little offensive for the money they pay him).
    Kasabian is a great name, I surely preferred Arctic Monkeys, but they ain’t touring, so I’ll take what I can with no hard feelings.
    The KoL to me are a big waste of money. i don’t really know about how much they payed them, but considering that they usually headline and that they wasn’t on tour… Auch!
    When they announced KoL I thought Sziget as a pretty girl with good money who doesn’t shape her own style and everyone laughs at her and then she goes to Cavalli, Armani and Abercrombie and Fitch and buy one dress from any on them: now she looks expensively dressed, but anyone still laugh at her cause she got no personality.
    With that money they could manage a way to not put Goulding headlining, and even Florence and Alt J which are reasonably in a better timing when the sun is going down.

  20. if you were so good using your phone, or pc, you would easily find out that: 1 chems are in japan during that weekend (they have been booked by sonic summer a lot of time ago, so they probably have promo commitments arranged the days before, it was quite impossible for sziget to book them. sziget italy said in a comment “they are not in europe unfortunately”). 2 linkin park are not in europe until 20 august (and that’s a fact. Rock’n’Heim changed date just for them). 3 Muse are not touring in august (sziget italy said they tried with muse). This 3 were people’s favorites, but unfortunately all unavailable this year. Otherwise 90% of the people moaning would be happy. Also: kendrick american tour finishes 9 august and he comes in europe only in august 20. Kanye: do you see european dates except from Glasto? Don’t talk s***t man 🙂
    So it’s only an issue of luck. They didn’t changed music focus etc, just this year the artists available are these, the karma

  21. that is crap that noone available in the rock punk metal genre. the booking staff just incompetent in many ways. here is list of bands who is in Europe in Sziget’s timeframe so they could havbe been easily booked if they prepared or at least know what’s going on in music in general:
    The Menzingers
    Against Me!
    Funeral For a Friend
    Touché Amoré
    Coheed & Cambria

    that took me like 2 mins. and this is the MAIN problem the booking staff has only members of knowledge of mainstream awful pop music, and electronic, and world. Not judging those things, but a size a festival like sziget should have a decent booking member who at least has some knowledge.

  22. Of course i was only talkin about the artists named by Yelo.
    I admitted they failed with the quantity of rock this year and with the quality undercard.

  23. told ya, I recall the only names that was told here over and over past time. Also, best major european festival blah blah blah should get in contact bands more than, like, 30 days from the beginning pf the event.

    Don’t hide behind a finger, you would look more nasty then how they are looking like

  24. The Sziget line up this year is better for me than it was in the previous two years, but it’s worse for the three people I’m going with and it’s worse because of the lack of decent bands (not a complete lack, because there are some, but they are mostly indie bands, including the bigger ones). I think the real letdown is the headliner situation. I think the undercard is a lot better than last year’s to be honest, but you pay the money for the headliners, who cost significantly more than the other acts, and the headliners aren’t really there. It’ll still be great I’m sure, there are some acts I really like and some I like who I’ve not seen which is always nice.

  25. What I do miss in the line-up are some up and coming bands, in past years I watched the likes of The Naked and Famous, The Joy Formidable, Dry The River, Hooverphonic, Lacuna Coil, Heideroosjes, Black Box Revolution & Yeasayer in the tents. This year would have been great to see new acts like Catfish & The Bottlemen, Circa Waves, Southern, Meg Myers, Greylag, Public Service Broadcasting, Rival Sons, School is Cool, Zornik, Lonely The Brave, Twin Atlantic, Breaking Benjamin, Third Eye Blind, K’s Choice, Wolf Alice, Nothing But Thieves, Holy Holy, Echosmith, Godsmack, Drenge, I could go on and on. This really is a missed opportunity. Two years ago the arena was used in the afternoon for these kind of artists, now no program, why is that?

  26. yelo, seems like you don’t want to listen when others reply 🙂 ok you are right about chems, sziget could have book them before sonic summer. But the other artists you mentioned are just not available because they organized an entire tour/season in a different way man, not because sziget failed. stop using them as example. sziget failed with a lot of bookings this year, but not with the ones you said. Those ones were impossible to bring on the island that week, like foo fighters or ac/dc or everyone else unavailable

  27. I was all for Chems until I saw them at Werchter this year. What a bunch of crap. I’m not to keen on Avicii either, but I will guess he at least shows that he’s there. That pre-programmed Chemical-shit was the biggest disappointment for me…

    That said this continues to end up as a subjective discussion about which bands people like, but it is those unsubjective things that are the issue.

    – Communication is beyond terrible. The move around and add smaller artists without even noticing people and they don’t even show the smaller artists the respect to have any information about them on the home page. What kind of music are they playing, what are they known for, are they any good live?
    – Headliners are below average as there are too many that are in the borderline of being able to be called headliners. However it’s thos subheadliners that really disappoint this year. Almost none up & coming, almost non “retro” bands and whatever there is they have deliberately made to clash with the big ones.
    – The weighting of the program is awful. I don’t like metal so for me a Party Arena is better than a Metal Stage, but then you can’t book half of your other artists in the same genre. I therefore understand why those that like harder instrument based music is disappointed.
    – Moving artists around is not adding anyone. That is watering out an already thin line-up.
    – Making promises about the line-up that you can’t keep is just stupid and you end up shooting yourself in the leg. I’m sure intentions were good, but if they REALLY cared they would at least make sure to book those decent bands with available dates that are still around (i.e Millencolin). To say that all of the others are busy now is just BS, as they could/should have been booked a long time ago..
    – All the above though, could have been much smaller problems if they just had COMMUNICATED with their customers. 50 updates about camping possibilities does not count! And yes! The Sziget-vibe will surely make it fun, we will get drunk, we will make new friends, but we will do it at the same cost with half the value we got last year.

  28. Anyone who complains about the line up should get their ticket and firmly place it within their bottom from which they seem to derive most of their nonsensical dribble that they then place upon a forum intended to promote the festival as opposed to belittle it at every opportunity.

  29. can someone explain me the idea of why a “forum intended to promote the festival” can’t have negative opinion, when line-up obviously lacks of great artists? This is not a marketing website, this is about the truth i thought.

  30. @Art if you are talking about us, please know that we are not here to promote, but to inform and to provide a medium through which fans can express their opinions in an independent environment (unlike their Facebook page, for example). And you are welcome to express your opinions, whatever they may be, as long as you do it in a civilized manner.

    And if your comment is not about us, please be a bit more specific about which „forum” you refer to.

  31. @sziget news

    no I din’t meant you at all. What you are doing is great and needed.

    I qouted alibaba on previous one, but a lot of others said, that this place is for the positives and keep the negativity outside. I think it’s just fake if people talk about the good things, and not what’s a good forum about. Contructive Critisism.

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