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Untold Festival Announces New Names

Untold is quickly becoming Romania’s leading EDM music festival. With a duration of just four days, the festival has an incredible concentration of leading EDM performers. Yesterday – probably to please all who love it – Untold has announced new names added to its lineup. Due to its date – it takes place between the 3rd and 6th of August – some of its performers might overlap with Sziget 2017.

Here are the new names announced on Valentine’s Day:

  • Chris Liebing
  • Dubfire
  • Jamie Jones
  • Loco Dice
  • Solomun
  • Sven Väth

This completes the list of names already announced (the headliners of the festival):

  • Afrojack
  • Armin van Buuren
  • Axwell /\ Ingrosso
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • Hardwell
  • Martin Garrix
  • Steve Aoki

Untold Festival had its first edition (chapter) in 2015, and has instantly become a great success. No wonder – its lineup routinely consists of the biggest names in the EDM world. Its 2015 lineup consisted of Tom Odell, ATB, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Avicii, Armin van Buuren and David Guetta. During its four days, the festival has attracted 240,000 attendees and won the “Best Major European Festival” award in the 2016 edition of the European Festival Awards.

The second edition (chapter) of the festival had a similar lineup of headliners – Tiesto, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack and Armin van Buuren – and quite a bit similar to this year’s list. Its undercards were, in turn, more interesting: it gathered names like Faithless, Scooter, Nervo, Parov Stelar, Lost Frequencies, and James Arthur. Again, Untold was nominated for the “Best Major European Festival” award, yet it didn’t make it to the shortlist.

The names recently announced may be undercards but they are famous on their own right.

  • Sven Väth, or Papa Sven, as some of his fans refer to him, has more than three decades of career behind him, and is known as a pioneer of electronic music.
  • Chris Liebing has been a DJ since the 1990s, and is a frequent guest at high-profile clubs around the world.
  • Dubfire used to be half of the Grammy-winning progressive house duo Deep Dish.
  • Jamie Jones is a two-time DJ Awards winning Welsh DJ
  • Solomun is a Hamburg-based DJ, with three DJ Awards wins under his belt.
  • Loco Dice is best known for his recent remixes.

Can any of these fresh Untold names be a great addition to Sziget 2017’s lineup?

Update: Electric Castle (July 12-16) made a great announcement today:

  • deadmau5
  • Trentemøller
  • House of Pain
  • Duke Dumont
  • Slaves
  • GusGus
  • Maceo Plex
  • Eats Everything
  • Claptone
  • SOHN
  • Atari Teenage Riot
  • TOMM¥ €A$H
  • Fanfare Ciocarlia
  • S.P.Y
  • TroyBoi
  • Petre Inspirescu
  • Beardyman & The Masters Of Distraction
  • punnany massif
  • FlicFlac
  • Zwette
  • Kornél Kovács
  • Reggae Roast
  • Kenny Ken
  • King Jammy
  • Zion Train

117 thoughts on “Untold Festival Announces New Names

  1. I love this posts SzigetNews, keep it that way: it’s hard to follow all the announcement in the summer’s festivals scenario!

    Nice to know that Untold is trying to put their focus on other names others than EDM trash, may this bodes well for Sziget’s mindset!

    Electric Castle did a huge thing: Deadmau5, SOHN, Slaves, Trentmoller and all the Techno part is huge. Deadmau5 is littlerally the only name who can save the EDM headliners’ side this year.

    Pinkpop is really selling out this year, tho… started well with SOAD and gone down to waste after that… really have no words

  2. Also, reading Pinkpop’s FB Page about the Bieber’s announcement is really funny! How I wish there was such a reaction to Rihanna-Guetta’s announcements the last year

  3. New Frequency names: Bilderbuch, Flume, The Offspring, Cypress Hill, Birdy, At The Drive In, George Ezra, Band of Horses, Jennifer Rostock, Yung hurn, Dame, The Pretty Reckless, Fiva x JRBB – Jazzrausch Bigband, 257ers, The Amity Affliction, Anne-Marie, Bear’s Den, Karate Andi, Nimo, Die Rakede, KYTES, SIGMA, Mija, Culture Shock, Hamilton, Teddy Killerz and 2SHY MC.

    Nothing exciting…

  4. U kiddin? At The Drive In and Band of Horses would be perfect subheadliner/17.15 spot for this Sziget! George Ezra, Birdy and Cypress Hill would be good calls too!

    Im really hyped for those news around Festival scenario in august!

  5. At The Drive In and Band Of Horses would be really good, both in A38 to me. Band Of Horses as a headliner and At The Drive In clashing with Major Lazer or the End Show. Also Offspring and Cypress Hill would be fun at 19:30 Main Stage slot. I really enjoyed Offspring at Sziget 2009.

  6. @Sziget, Offspring is announced for Fezen, which is not organized by Sziget, so I think there is still hope

  7. Fezen is in August, there is no hope for another festival would book them in the same country within weeks of time. Also offsrping didn’t have a listenable record in almsot 20 years so don’t see the point booking them though.

  8. I sincerly hope that as long as Pukklepop dont release something big (like they did with the first announcement in 2016), Sziget will focus on undercards.

    I can see somebody among those:
    *First 2 slots on Main Stage: Slaves / George Ezra / Punnany Massif / BadBadNotGood / Angel Olsen / Rise Against / White Lies
    *Subheadliner: Cypress Hill / Pixies / Chance the Rapper / Biffy Clyro / Lana del Rey / Alt J / Korn
    *Potential headliners: deadmau5 (but would probably be negative to announce another EDM performer) / The XX / Mumford and Sons
    *Night-time A38 (23.45 on): At the Drive In / SOHN / Aphex Twin / Jon Hopkins / Moderat / Floating Points/ Andy C / Carl Cox / Angerfist / Subfocus
    *Day-time A38 (til 22.00): Troyboi / The Amity Affliction / Nothing But Thieves / Testament / Jenny Hval / Antiflag / London Grammar
    *Party Arena: Axwell & Ingrosso

    This assuming that
    – I’m not following the EDM scene
    – Have no clue about the World Stage
    – Colosseum will be released in future on a single announcement
    – I haven’t checked if any of those bands have already tour in Hungary
    – Sziget can propose Sziget which havent been announced in any other of the festival Im following so far.

  9. Also Sziget Italy said that 9-10 august single ticket arent on sell yet and they may have a major cost than the other single day tickets – meaning that (in that case) there will be a major headliner like RW in 2015… Eminem anyone?

  10. if ellie goulding, manu chao, sia headlined last years, I can’t see why Lana del rey or Chance the rapper can’t.

    alt j, biffy, korn, already headlined so they can headline too.

    Not that I’m saying I wanna be right ahah, I hope I’m wrong and most of them coheadline if announced.

    I agree with Mumford and the XX being dropped next week plus lots of undercard

  11. I like to think that the new partnership and overall a bigger direct competition from new festivals (I see Pukklepop and R&L, but also Flow, Frequency and Oya) will force Sziget to give up on this policy of fake headliners, which is a definition more significant for Lana del Rey than Chance The Rapper (all in all he headlines the Governor’s Ball, like, I dont know, KAYNE WEST did the last year).

    To have another headliner which has headlined in the last years without a significant gain of fame would really mean to go lookin for bad critics, since Major Lazer had their best moment in 2014/15 with Lean On – as Alt J had their pick so far with This is All Yours.
    Korn arent really a thing neither in metal scenario from years before 2014…
    I agree with Biffy Clyro, tho, headliners of Download Festival at the same time of Aerosmith is a thing for real

  12. Katy perry just a rumor because of her new song and album.
    But a source on efestivals (who already gave several correct leaks in the past years) said V festival headliners are Ed Sheeran and Mumfords.

  13. @Yelo they may have learnt that a headliner like Rihanna surely sells out, but let’s hope not lol 😛

  14. So Eminem in Europe in August is a thing, I mean, reliable, not like “OMG RHCP SZIGET 2016 HURR DURR GET ON THE HYPE TRAIN” last year?
    (Tnx Noe 😀 )

    Yeah Camper, I read it too, but I was curious about the reliability 🙂

    @Bender: after I saw Pinkpop selling out an all-in-all decent festival to pop music because of competition in the serious part of circiuit (my guess ofc), I can expect everything… sure in August we have already enough shitty festivals with V standing on his own lol

  15. Ok, Ed, mumford and Sons and Eminem would suit perfect. But than its’s quite to pop for most of us. U2 would be too expensive i guess. Still, i dont understand why the xx should be one of the headliners..

  16. Yeah I’d put money on Eminem if I could bet 🙂 (being at R&L, not Sziget)..

    The XX should co-headline (with Kasabian would be good, or before Radiohead omg!).
    I wouldn’t mind if they headline on their own because I like them very much, but they need a co-headliner to make the day strong. Look at NOS Alive’s first day: Phoenix, Alt-J, The XX, The Weeknd on the main stage…

  17. Imagine now that Reading announce Eminem and on other hand Sziget, to impress its goers, announce Katy Perry (or Ariana Grande or Miley Cyrus or the F-ing Backstreet Boys, you got it)… now, THAT would be fun lol

    I’m made of hype right now, in anycase.

    @Deepstate, few “hints” given here and there:
    – Eminem is TBC at Reading Festival
    – Sziget’s lacking of big headliners and the scene so far don’t propose any of them (‘cept for Mumford and Sons and deadmau5, maybe)
    – Ticket of -1 and 0 days aren’t yet on sell, and usually those are the days when the big headliner played in the latest years (Rihanna last year, RW and Florence + The Machine 2 years ago, Prince few years ago)
    – Sziget Italy said that -1 and 0 Day ticket may be sold at an higher price
    – Sziget and Pukkelpop and Reading announce at the same week (and Pukkelpop hosted Eminem as headliners 2 times in the last 6 years)
    – Last year Sziget got shitstormed because they gave as hint for Rihanna announcement a silhouette of her which reminded to many of Eminem and the community got crazy, just to be upset by Riri’s announcement

    Cant say it’s sure, but maaaan, that’s a lot ot things together

  18. Playing at Lokerse Feesten in Belgium:
    4 aug – Pixies
    6 aug – Marilyn Manson, Megadeath, Alice Cooper
    9 aug – Offspring
    just saying… (lets hope)

  19. So who are we thinking for the next announcement? I feel like it’s going to be the standard – XX and Mumford. Fairly solid names but I’m hoping for more?

  20. I think they might come with the day -1 and 0 headliners since the tickets are still not for sale. Mumford and sons and the xx are not going to be a surprise so there wont be too much hype about it.

    Are there any other possabilities for august, a huge artist/band what cost a lot of money for Sziget to book?

  21. Not both, maybe one between day -1 and 0.

    And also I won’t exclude Mumford are in one of this two days

  22. Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing in Iceland on July 31, so what about RHCP on day -1 and Eminem on day 0?

  23. @Miguel but it’s a strange break, with just 2 dates more in Dublin in September and then going back to USA. Maybe next week it’s time for August dates like Sziget, Pukkelpop, Lowlands, Rock En Seine, ecc 🙂

  24. Oh, and looking at their tour, I’d say Moderat for Aug 13 as the 12 they are in Slovakia, then 15 and 16 Austria and Germany, 18 and 19 Netherlands and Germany. Looks like they’re doing 2 gigs, 1 day pause, 2 gigs, 1 day pause, 2 gigs 1 day pause. And Budapest fits perfectly between Slovakia and Austria.

  25. @Bender: the Dublin ones are rescheduled dates, and that’s what makes me think about a “big” brake. Why rescheduling them at the end of september?
    But yes, I guess we’ll see this week, hope you’re right 🙂

  26. on 23 February i will be in Vienna at the Avenged Sevenfold+Disturbed+Chevelle concert.. any of you will be there? 😀 we could hang out for a beer 😀

  27. Seems like Sziget Official is putting some hype on this announcement. It’s working good with me. I can’t wait

  28. Guess we have to wait 1-2 days more to have some hints, if someone up there is lovely enough to feed us lol

  29. I’d take 90% of Pukkelpop’s undercard and midcard, impressive. But I’m surprise by the lack of “wow” names; how can they make Bastille headline? Again?

    @Noeliam: do you say so because you think Eminem will only come to Europe for Reading? Seeing this headliners I start to think that too

  30. I’ d take Mr Oizo,PJ Harvey and Parov Stellar but i think they ‘ll announce World stage lineup Wednesday…

  31. @FAB for sure we’re gonna have new names 🙂

    @Miguel no, because I didn’t expect Pukkelpop to announce him today at 6am (god knows what time it is in the US).
    I’m confident he’ll be at R&L, and they already have Muse as european exclusive so I don’t think they can have 2 big european exclusives…

  32. Need to give it a listen by the end of the week, but my first impression is that Bastille is really too overrated by the festival’s circuit. Their first album was lame, the seconds even worse, and yet they go around headlining or subheadlining like 0 f*cks given. Kay.

    About the others, I’ll take: At the Drive-In, Band of Horses, Bear’s Den, Bjarki, Boyz Noize, Chance the Rapper, Cypress Hill, Dave Clarke, Death Grips (only in quality of a dead meme), Dub FX, London Grammar, Moderat, Mumford and Sons, Rise Against, Tornado Wallace, Tove Lo and The XX.

    All in all, being an almost 80 names’ announcement, this is quite underwhelming, but I dunno, I see just 1 headliner and many half headliners (Mumford and Sons on a side and The XX, Bastille, Chance the Rapper, Editors on the other), enough small good names, some Techno and chill, but if I were in doubt on buying the ticket for Pukkelpop I wouldn’t probably be encouraged by this announcement – and that’s weird, ’cause this announcement is quite on the level of the Sziget’s ones so far.

    Ah, about Eminem, I just said he headlined few times Pukkelpop in the last editions, of course I was hoping for him to be announced at Pukkelpop (let’s be honest, he would have put some competition in this lazy August’s scene this year) and he’s still on time, but yeah, announcement at 6am GMT+1 for an american headliner would have been weird enough, agree with Noeliam

  33. Harvey*

    Anyway for Eminem it was pretty sure that Reading, with the sh*tload of money they have, wouldn’t let another festival announce Eminem before. For sure it’ll be the first festival to announce him. Then we can expect him to be added to some lineups.

  34. Oh, and I really don’t understand how can Bastille and Editors be headliners instead of PJ Harvey.

  35. Bastille and Editors can co-headline a middle-size festival that’s all… we won’t have Bastille but I wouldn’t mind Editors again (chose Manu Chao over them last year).

  36. Or maybe Eminem is doing Lollapalooza Chicago, Osheaga, Outside Lands

    Anyway, a strong undercard like that could make me forget about his absence

  37. On efestivals they shared an article about him (or his daughter i’m not sure) explains the new strategy (more Ellie Goulding and Bastille than Noel Gallagher and LCD).

    Apart from Eminem (which i’m not overly fussed about but would be a great addition to the festival), I’m really hoping for a great undercard.

  38. Nice f*ckin’ strategy… last year Pukkelpop was huge from A to the Z, but hey, Bastille is love Bastille is life lol

    Eminem is just 90 mins in a week. Course I prefer him to most of the headliners out there this year (it’s since the 2014 that August don’t offer a real variety of good headliners, tbh), but undercards weight the most in my balance, too

  39. Way Out West today has announced Frank Ocean, so I guess that if the 22nd they gonna announce an headliner it will be him, or Mumford, the XX or Em, Im not expecting any other kind of surprise

  40. I actually dont expect any surprise at all anymore. Maybe for the undercards but the main wont be that mich this year.

    I think this announcement will be in line with pukkelpop and others.

  41. Pixies tweeted “More live shows announced this week”
    Ed sheeran tweeted “Dropping some cool stuff this week”
    And by the way the Libertines have august dates in UK. And also Deadmau5, Frank Ocean etc are solutions to make Main Stage more original than Pukkelpop even if predictable

  42. If Type_777 is the same as Type777 a while ago, this means some act with four letters will be announced tomorrow… My guess: Korn.
    But as Type777 wrote he never comes before the night, this might as well be a fake hint.

  43. SOHN would be very good actually! But I guess it’s a hint for a big(ger) name?

    Korn is more probable.. can’t find anything on the pukkelpop lineup. Maybe an acronym? ATDI? RHCP?

  44. Four letters? I can only think of Korn. any others?

    But what if this means we will get one name today already?

  45. The only way we’ll get a name is:
    – a big headliner, announcing today (not probable)
    – a self confirmation like Interpol

    so please, let the game continue Type!! <3

  46. Agree with Rascal, but just in case, it’s worth losing some minutes (got not much to do tbh lol)
    -SOAD, System of a Down
    -M&RL, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    -ADTR, A Day to Remember
    -TDEP, The Dillinger Escape Plane (lol)
    -TBDM, The Black Dahlia Murder (lol^2)
    -EITS, Explosions in the Sky
    -RHCP, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    -ATDI, At the Drive In
    -JEFF MILLS (because, you know, reasons)

    Any other I forgot, those are the firsts I recalled

    Also 777 la gang non si infama

  47. Really, the only “Sziget style” headliners I see are
    1- Korn (cause is cheaper)
    2- RHCP (cause I think is one of the more requested ever)

  48. Gg Rascal! That’s a hell of a brainstorming lol

    I would like to see Sziget keep on announcing on a trend like “1 announcement a month, with 1 headliner and few undercards/stage’/ lineup”
    Would be more professional and appreciable honestly, but I see the marketing stuff

  49. And I’m still not finished… UB40, ICE T…

    UB40 has a concert in France on 4th of August, so is a possibility

  50. Actually it was an emoticon that was changed automatically when I posted the comment, but it came out to be also a possible hint.

    Tonight I’ll give some hints : – )

  51. So it IS a 4 letter band/acronym? Can you tell if someone has it right?
    also, i wouldn’t mind informations about the announcement (if they gonna announce day -1 headliner or something) ^^


  52. Probably we got some of the names that gonna be released tomorrow, I guess.
    I lol too for the way we brainstormed names out like crazy as soon as we got a hint that wasnt even an hint, really cool!

    Probably we got something like Sohn, Korn and At the Drive In, and I would be really down for it

  53. Noeliam: it was just an emoticon, automatically changed into “????” and we got mad for it, that’s really funny for me

  54. @Miguel sorry sometimes I have a problem with a lonely Lol

    Alt-J is listed on the 15th so they are the sub to Dimitri Vegas! Great news, they won’t take a headline slot 🙂 Their show in 2015 was nice

  55. Oh yes sorry. It’s great to have again a proper headliner/subheadliner size band before the end show. TLSP and Bizkit in the last 2 years were very good but just afternoon bands

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