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Urban Voodoo Machine announced by Quimby

Urban Voodoo Machine has been announced for Sziget 2013 by… Quimby, the Hungarian band that stars on Sziget 2013 Day Zero.

According to the Quimby Facebook page, Urban Voodoo Machine will play Day Zero, and there will be a lot of other bands on Day Zero, too.

How about that?

14 thoughts on “Urban Voodoo Machine announced by Quimby

  1. I am trully delighted with each and every accouncement made. Verve were wrong, the drugs do work

  2. has line-up for Day -1:


    Balázsovits Edit
    Bródy János
    Compact Disco
    Els? Emelet
    Feny? Miklós
    Gerendás Péter
    Halász Judit
    Pál Utcai Fiúk
    Tolcsvay László

  3. @Aladi: The app is missing a couple on name e.g. Nick cave. There is only 1 slot to fill, Saturday night. See link for more through line-up

    @ Eddie: Loved your post in earlier thread

    Personally: I am once again delighted with each and every announcement. I would not change even one name for Prince or a Heavy Metal Day!

    I’m only there for the vibe anyhow which will be greatly increased by a rememberance service by some of the world best bands for this iconic pop star.

    It would seem Sziget have managed to find an additional 500 camping tickets no doubt to accomodate the rush for tickets

  4. Now if I was a cynic (but my hearts not in it) I would…

    Announce no Metal stage

    szigetnewsdotcom forward slash no-metal-stage-at-sziget-2013/

    Suggest a day -1 heavy metal day

    szigetnewsdotcom forward slash motorhead-at-sziget-2013/

    Get everyone to buy a 7 day Sziget pass, 30 euro more expensive than 5 day pass

    Get Hungarian bands to play for a nominal fee or for free for the day -1 remembrance concert and $$$$

  5. Note: sziget news won’t let you make links to its previous thread listings hence the dotcom forward slash links but they are there if you chose to look.

    Michael: Sziget wont be the great escape we were all hoping for and day -1 is turning into fool’s day; lets pray for tomorrow

    God I feel grubby after that sentence

    Vale & Eddie: Bob on, on all comments

  6. @Vale yep I know, there’s a few bands missing (plus you replied on the wrong thread 😛 ) Also have you had a bang on the head? your point of view has somewhat changed since the other day 🙂

    I always thought that day 0 and day -1 were set aside for Hungarian bands, you can get in fairly cheaply just for those days and it gives the not so well paid(of which there are a lot) in Hungary the chance to sample the festival. Prince was a one off and last years metal day was only really on one stage, perhaps I’m wrong but is that not the case?

  7. @ Aladi_Ruals vale promised not to complain any more!

    Personally, I am gutted to be missing this memorial event – nothing like a bit of morbid misery to spice up a holiday, I find!

    Btw, just written a lengthy reply to Eddie’s post on the other thread, if any cares to read it?

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