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Vive La Fete @ Sziget Festival 2010!

After having to cancel last year’s appearance due to their guitarist’s motorcycle accident, Belgian band Vive LA Fete will make it up to Sziget fans.

They will play Sziget Festival 2010, according to the Vive La Fete MySpace page.

Vive La Fete are set to play Sziget Festival 2010 on August 13. (our thanks go to Mellowmaniac)

7 thoughts on “Vive La Fete @ Sziget Festival 2010!

  1. Thanks! We knew about it, but this sort of thing happens when you’re in a hurry… 😉 Corrected it!

  2. +
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    Tony Allen

  3. oh, so they will come… fantastic! hopefully The Kills and Digitalism (which didnt come last year) will come as well 🙂

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